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Shelly S.
Underrated and totally worth the price
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This is a fabulous little brush set and I’m shocked it hasn’t sold out yet. Very underrated IMO. I picked up this little set from Koyudo when it was released initially and was blown away by the Powder brush. It’s a large round, domed shape Powder Brush made with silky soft Saikoho Goat hair. Perfect for foundation or pressed & loose powder. It’s dense but once washed it blooms quite a bit and that adds some airy ness to it making it great for buffing. The handle used is the same length as the Fu-spa series and very comfortable in the hand. The large eye brush is also quite the little gem. It’s also made from Saikoho Goat. Makes a fabulous crease brush and blends easily as well. The heart shaped brush didn’t impress me at all I must admit. It’s small, smaller than the original heart shaped brushes, feels a tad rough and just not made well IMO. I’ve never even used it. Who knows? It may be a gem I’ve yet to discover. The set also comes with a white brush roll for storage. All in all the set is worth every penny. I would have paid that for just the Powder brush to be honest. Don’t sleep on this one to long. It’s Limited Edition and won’t be around much longer.

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Ornella O.
My travel set.

I love this set of brushes, specifically the round brush as it is mult functional and the eye shadow brush. I don't enjoy the heart shaped brush as it is very flimsy but i still enjoy it when using it as a blush brush. The case I don't like cause It flattens out the brushes. Overall 8/10 I enjoy using those brushes. Blends my make up beautifully.

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Mary W.
Love Them

I've had my eye on these for awhile now, and when they went on sale for Memorial Day, I snapped them up. Beautylish was fast with shipping, and I already have them. They're lovely and so soft. The smallest is perfect for eyeshadow (all over one and done shadow, crease work, blending, just perfection). The heart shaped brush is actually firmer than anticipated, and will work well for highlighter and even blush. The largest is extraordinary, and worth it for this brush alone. Fully washed and dried, bloomed beautifully, and so soft. I was waiting for the Sonia G Master Face, but with this large brush I don't need it anymore. I don't regret this purchase at all. Heavenly soft, and worth every penny, especially on sale. The brush roll is a fun extra, and stores these brushes well. I won't hesitate to use this for travel.

Thanks to Beautylish for excellent shipping so I can enjoy these immediately.

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Laura K.
Great set

Beautiful colors, soft brushes, a great all around set. I just placed an order for my second set because my dog chewed up the cheek brush of my first set. :(