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  • Beauty Detox: Creamy Chia Pudding

    Beauty Detox: Creamy Chia Pudding

    Say hello to the new super food! Chia seeds have even more antioxidants than blueberries and help to promote skin cell growth and repair—so you have a clear, glowing complexion. Keep reading for celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s easy, yummy recipe for chia seed pudding.

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  • Should You Detox?

    Should You Detox?

    Wondering whether a detox diet will rid you of your holiday pounds? Keep reading to find out which cleanses will actually help you get healthier and which ones are a waste of time and money.

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  • Taste Test: Beauty Drinks

    Taste Test: Beauty Drinks

    We've seen our share of unique beauty inventions, but the latest one to crop up in the past few years is the beauty beverage. These elixirs promise glowing skin and healthy hair from the inside out, but are they worth the high cost per bottle? We put four formulations to the test.

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  • Body By Kit: Is Too Much Protein Making You Fat?

    Body By Kit: Is Too Much Protein Making You Fat?

    Do you exercise and watch what you eat, only to find that you can never lose those last seven pounds? Fitness expert Kit Rich weighs in on why your high protein, low carb diet may be to blame and explains why too much diet can make you pack on the pounds instead of helping you lose them.

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  • Statement Eye Tricks for New Year's Eve

    Statement Eye Tricks for New Year's Eve 

    Power peepers! Creating high glamour on your lids can be difficult if are attempting to layer bright pigments, glitter, and, eye liner. To get flawless effects and avoid messy results, check out these simple tips from a top makeup pro.

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  • Handmade Beauty Gifts From The Heart

    Handmade Beauty Gifts From The Heart

    It's easy to overspend on holiday gifts when there are so many pretty items for sale. Curb the cost and kick-start your creativity with these homemade beauty gift ideas!

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  • Leopard-Print Lids
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    Leopard-Print Lids

    Meow! From the runway to the red carpet, the hottest pattern this season is definitely the leopard print. Keep reading to see how these Beauties are adding a hint of animal magnetism to their makeup.

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  • DIY Pomegranate Beauty Recipes

    DIY Pomegranate Beauty Recipes

    They’re gorgeous and fun to eat, but did you know that pomegranates make the perfect winter skin care ingredient? Keep reading for more fruit trivia and a fun DIY recipe.

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