Beauty Product Reviews

love it!!

tastes just like peach rings from when I was a kid! yum! definitely leaves lips feeling soft!

  • 19S

I really enjoy these lashes. they look almost identical to my natural lashes and once I throw on some mascara, you can't tell I'm wearing fakes at all! I like that they're individual so I'm able to just put 2-3 on each lash for a simple look or I can put multiple and stack them as well for a bigger, bolder look that still looks incredibly natural. will definitely buy these and probably others, again!


works really well, stays tacky a nice amount of time, doesn't smell terribly, and is easy to use even for beginners. also a good price!

100% worth it

favorites and best formulas are definitely pumpkin pie, chrysanthemum, and Sagittarius. deceased and designer blood have great formulas as well, but I don't wear them. check mate and crocodile tears are really, really awesome colors, but are a touch streaky. that can typically be fixed by layering. the packaging was improved starting on this collection and you can definitely tell! unfortunately I do have an issue with my chrysanthemum bottle leaking even when upright. I've lost almost half a bottle because of it and cannot travel with it at all, which is unfortunate and it's one of my favorite colors alone as a light nude look or over matte lips to add a touch of pink and glitter. overall, definitely worth it. will be buying extras of chrysanthemum and pumpkin pie if they come back around on sale!

beautiful color

properly named, but it hurts to have to put only 4 stars. I own ~35 JSC lips and this is one of the streakiest formulas I own (besides some of the summer collection). you can get it to be pretty opaque by layering, though! it's also a really great color to use for ombrés.


one of the best JSC liquid lipsticks! stays forever and goes on so easily. a perfect darker mauve color. this color is the darker version of Sagittarius and deceased.


this lipstick can last through everything with just one coat and it's so, so pretty. I didn't think I'd like it at first cuz it's a bit too plain of a color for me, but it quickly became one of my favorites!


one of my favorite go-to, every day JSC liquid lipsticks and I own ~35! I've found using 2 coats works best to keep it incredibly long lasting across the whole lip. always get complimented every time I wear it!


The undertone of this lipstick is just a touch darker pink than my natural lip color, so even after I've been wearing it for 8-12+ hours, it still just looks like a nice metallic gold finish even if most if it has worn off from eating and drinking. cute packaging and smells great. goes on opaque and you don't have to dip in a lot of times. the applicator is nice as well.