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Velour Lip Scrub

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David H.
Photo of product included with review by David H.

I bought this lip scrub a while ago but had not opened it until today. I was excited to try it but the entire contents of the lip scrub came out! I’m not happy.

Elaynne  S.
Dont leave home without it !
Photo of product included with review by Elaynne  S.

I hadn't been using this product long before noticing a huge positive change to my lips. My lipstick always looked dry and cracked. And wearing a matte lipstick was a "no go " Now they look healthy, hydrated and smooth before applying my favorite lipstick. I also apply it to my nightly routine before going to bed.

Tara M.
So Yummy!!

I had doubts about liking this flavor, but It tasted like a Peach Jolly Rancher!! I like to have one scrub per collection! It tastes nothing like soap, sorry to anyone who got a bad batch, but I sure Beautylish will help you out!

Ashley W.
I took the chance! Love it!

So I read lots of reviews on this flavor of product and almost didn't purchase it, but I decided to take the chance and I have to say that I really like this product. Reviews said that some peoples tasted like soap. The one I got didn't taste like soap at all and I asked my family if they tasted soap when they tried it. 5 out of 5 say it doesn't taste like soap. I highly recommend this product and would personally buy this product again.

Ashleigh M.
Works wonders!

I love how my lip scrub works but for me the scent isn’t like a peach popsicle it’s kind of like a soap scent

Anna S.

So I was super worried reading the reviews that the only flavour I chose at random tasted like soap, BUT it's actually a very nice and sweet flavour. I really like the smell and the product in total. Adore the packaging and it was just wonderful. Main take away if you really wanted peach popsicle go for it!

Emelie H.
Love it!

Peach is my favorite! It smells fantastic, just like peach candy. Super happy about this product :)

Kandyce R.

Despite many other reviews saying the same thing, I chose to buy the peach popsicle scrub and try it out. I was hoping that some notes were taken over the bad reviews and an ingredient was changed (going by the fact that it was a restock), but it wasn't and still tasted like soap. This is the only one I have an issue with.

Janette L.
Doesn't taste like peaches.

I was on the market for a good lip scrub and I love anything peach. This lip scrub works well and smells good but it doesn't taste like peaches. I'll continue to use it but I will likely not purchase it again.

Franziska  M.
Just love it
Photo of product included with review by Franziska  M.

I got Peach Popsicle & Cherry Soda, they smell really sweet and taste delicious <3 I use them at my morning and night time routine and at work after my meals. They leave my lips super soft and a bit tingly :)