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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Velour Liquid Lipstick Holiday Bundle 2016


Kirsty C.
Perfect for the season!

First off, This is a "Holiday Bundle" NOT a "Special Edition Lip Box." If the Summer Bundle didn't come in a box, why would this one? If you took the liberty to give this item a "box" when no box is shown or mentioned and want to complain, kudos. Back to business, I'm really glad he made new reds instead of pinks. I love the pinks, but red is a nice change for fall/winter. The 2 Mauves are more greyish as everybody is saying, but are still fabulous! The shades are very similar in shade, but Deceased is hands down my fav! The formula doesn't feel the same in theses shades as his regular shades, that would be the only downside. I'm happy with them all! very reasonable price!

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Christina S.
Love all of them.
Christina S.'s Review Image

Ok, so I got this one time and I was very excited to try all the colors.

First, yes Sagittarius and deceased are a grey toned lipstick. Cool toned with some purple in the mix. They look great and Sagittarius is my fav.

Designer blood is very dark and dries quicker than the other and I didn't really see the flecks of gold that we're said to be in it.

Checkmate is more orange than I thought it would be but I think I could use some risk in my life.

Chrysanthemum is better than I thought it would be. It's very cute and I love the glitter. Nice go to pinky color.

Pumpkin pie is cute. Glitter isn't over powering and I like the dark Orange.

Crocodile tears is a good color, dark, and it's hard to find what to wear it with but it's a good color and I love the formula.

They are sold as a bundle not as a set. They do not need a box and they never were displayed in a box. A box was never mentioned. Get over it.

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Bianca A.
Not Worth It

I was so excited to buy this, I bought it on the first day it came out. Beautylish is wonderful and my package arrived on time. First, it is not a set, it is individual lipsticks in a bag. The two mauve colors Deceased and Saggitarius are not mauve, they are grey and completely unwearable. Chrysanthemum is pretty but it is so pale it isn't worth applying because you can't see it. Pumpkin is good and Checkmate is a killer red but Designer blood is super drying. Don't waste your money! The Beautylish JS set that actually comes in an adorable box with 3 lovely wearable colors was a much better purchase and a good gift.

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Miriam H.
Love these colors
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Packaging and shipment were flawless. IMO excellent choices and very wearable colors. Value for items also realistic

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My Beautiful Flaws B.
Inconsistent Formula - Varies by Shade
My Beautiful Flaws B.'s Review Image

When I received this bundle, I intially swatched it on the back of my hand and thought the entire collection was just stunning. I thought Jeffree did a great job on the collection overall..... that is until I sat down to actually apply each shade one by one to my lips and saw how they applied, looked, and performed there. That's when reality set in and disappointment struck. I have a very large Jeffree Star collection, and I'm a huge fan of his lipsticks. The formula in this collection is different from his regular collection. Even within this holiday collection, the formula varies by shade. There's a few hits in this collection, but there's also several big misses. My favorites are Pumpkin Pie, Deceased, and Sagittarius (Deceased and Sagittarius are similar but there are noticeable differences when they are applied and dry down completely). Deceased is more of a greyish purple, and it's so pretty on the lips. I love the shade Designer Blood, BUT.... it bleeds VERY badly outside the lip line. It's impossible to apply with a clean line. You have to use a lip liner and then clean up the edges with foundation or concealer. The original shade Unicorn Blood did not have this issue at all. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the formula, the applicator, or a combination of both. I have no opinion either way on Crocodile Tears. This isn't a "wearable" shade for me, and I knew when I purchased this bundle that I wouldn't be wearing this one. I did try it on, and the formula seems pretty good compared to some of the other shades.

There are significant formula issues with the shades Chrysanthemum and Check Mate. Chrysanthemum is extremely streaky and applies completely sheer, not opaque whatsoever. It looks absolutely horrible on the lips by itself. The only way I could make it look halfway decent was to apply another color as a base color (such as Celebrity Skin) and apply Chrysanthemum as a sheer topper over it. Other than that, it's unwearable and shouldn't have been released in this condition. It doesn't look anything like it did in Jeffree's swatch video on YouTube. Check Mate also has significant formula issues. It is so thick that it's impossible to apply and spread evenly onto the lips. It applies streaky and looks horrible. I don't know if there's a way to dilute it down with something, but it feels so thick as if it's been sitting on a shelf for over a year. Something just isn't right. I've never experienced issues like this with Jeffree's line before, and I'm so disappointed.

Overall, I would not have purchased this bundle again if I knew about all of the issues it has, and I will be contacting customer service to see what my options are for returning the set. I don't think it's worth spending $100 just for 2 or 3 shades out of the entire collection, while the rest of them have issues of some sort. It's unfortunate because I really do love Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and have always supported this brand. I just feel like there should have been better quality control for this collection before its release. Saying that, the shipping from Beautylish was phenomenal!!! I ordered on Black Friday, and received my order on the next Tuesday. Meanwhile, other people who ordered from JS's website are still waiting for their orders, 2 weeks later. Thank you Beautylish!!!

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Lysienne M.
hope all of them become permanent

At first when the swatches were revealed on his channel i had only liked 6 of the 7 colours but decided that if i was to get them that getting the bundle would be better than getting them separately. I am happy that i got the bundle because the colour i initially didn't like (which was crocodile tears) ended up being one of my favourites. all the colours are beautiful in their own way and can be worn either daily or for special occasions and i hope that he decided to make all of them permanent because i'm really debating buying backups of the colours i really like seeing as they are limited edition. if you can get your hands on the bundle i recommend doing that.

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Loren L.
good winter colors

The price for this set is a deal. they do not come in a box. designer blood is a brick red, chrysanthamum is a light matte pink, pumpkin spice is more of a brownish orange, sagitarius and deceased are close in color, they are on taupe grey side, crocodile tears is evergreen , I am using that one as eyeliner, checkmate is a orange red, bright. I use JS lip colors as eyeliner all the time, they are fabulous . Also you can mix colors together to get a less bright color for wearing to work. or do an ombre look. I would say all colors are wearable except the green color. JS has some of the best lip formulas out there. I would highly recommend. I have almost all of his colors, mostly the nude ones.

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Robbyn D.
Tired of the games

I bought the bundle mainly because Deceased was sold out. Only to be finding out Jeffree lied again and Deceased magically was restocked today. Just like he lied that the Summer bundle was LE and here it is rotting and two shades ( Virginity and Nude Beach ) were even on his website for $7.99 each on Black Friday.

Out of all seven, unless you work at a strip club,a Circus or a make up related job maybe three / four are wearable colors. Chrysantemum is a disaster. It is 714 little sister. Streaky, watery, patchy , sheer. Mine shows nothing like his swatches or golden sparks of anything. The green one I threw on my basket of make up Deplorables without even trying. The wearables are Designer Blood, Checkmate and Deceased. Jeffree is making his brand a joke by saying stuff is LE Sold Out and having it restocked two weeks later. Ridiculous. Just gonna stick with Sugarpill, Dose of Colors and Limecrime.

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alexis b.

I got this set when they were first released I was so excited till I received them first they don't have the cotton candy scent all all and second the formula is aweful idk maybe it was just my set but I found the colors to be streaky and chalky they dnt dry down like his permanent line very easily smear off I was so disappointed I called customer service but they were no help all they would offer was a refund please dnt bother to buy this collection most of the colors are very close to the ones in his permanent line ur better off buying those instead

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Alejandra C.
Love this!!

Ordered this on release day and arrived fairly quickly. All these shades are absolutely beautiful, I'm in love❤️ (and nowhere in the discription does it say it comes in a box). Designer Blood is my new fave since it's similar to Unicorn Blood which I use on a daily basis. Sagittarius and Deceased are also good ones. They're close in color but Sagittarius is more lilac. Chrysanthemum is very pretty but a bit difficult to work with. Pumpkin Pie is another favorite, the glitter makes it so you just can't ignore this one. Crocodile Tears is a nice forest green and very wearable. Checkmate will probably be the only one I'll use once in a while since I'm more drawn to dark reds than orange toned reds but it's still a very nice shade. Jeffree never disappoints!!😘

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