glitterrockdoll E.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

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About Me

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Sensitive
Hair Color: Blonde
Birthday: June 18
Age: 33


Are you a professional makeup artist?

NO! This is only my hobby, I have never learned how to do makeups. That's why, you probably discover some mistakes (non-straight lines, not perfectly blended colors), but you should know, that I'm working with my whole heart, and I really enjoy it. And for God's sake, at first, I am a rock musician:)) and non-straight lines are really rock'n'roll:)

What did inspire you to film these tutorials?

I think an art form (in this case, my music) can be translated into other art form (in this case, makeup). I really love to use/write about/discover new beauty products, and I am a huge fan of these online tutorials/reviews made by other girls-like me. And my biggest dream is to share my music to many people, that’s why, - with my tutorials- I connect the Ann my Guard songs with this visual way of representation. This is a very exciting job for me, and I hope, the visitors will like my idea.

Do you want to film anything else (eg. haul videos, reviews) besides these tutorials?

I really wanna do, but with this, the original aim might lost its credibility. In the near future, I would like to start the Glitterrockdoll blog, where I would do some reviews as well. But at first (again), my first job is to w-r-i-t-e music.

What are your favourite brands?

In makeup my faves are the NYX and Essence (German brand) products. They are soo good. I also love Dianne Brill products; both their outlooks and qualities. Unfortunately, I cannot really afford expensive brands, but I’ve got some lip glosses from Lancome, lipsticks and eye shadow from YSL and nail polishes, blushes and lipsticks from my all time fave Chanel.<3

And I am huuuuuge fan of Lush which products I use to my hair and skin.