Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer


Simone E.
Good for quick cover-ups.

But it doesn't stay on through the day. I use the pink on the inner corners of my eyes and the out corners, too. The green is good for redness, but the actual concealer doesn't look very good. It flakes very easily, and it causes me (personally) to break out. It's cheap, so it wasn't a total bust! I do use it though.

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Sara L.
It works and it's cheap1

I really liked this product. I use it for myself, and I do have an easy skin so for me it does work well. The pinky shade I use the most but when that runs out I use the brown one, and it also covers the under eye circles (which are not too dark anyway). The green does cover up the little redness spots I may have, so overall this concealer is really nice for my easy skin and on my tight budget!

Karen-Lisbeth G.

The pink is the only thing I liked about this. It did work for my undereyes. The concealer was too dark for my face, and the green didn't work too well.

Martha V.
A bit cakey, definitely not exciting.

I've used this for quite some time and it worked pretty well back then, but I realized on my skin was looking a bit too cakey - that's why now I'm using a liquid concealer instead. I've never used the green (only a few times just to try it), way more the other two, especially the beige one. I find they work better with pimples or to define the eyebrows, but I don't like it very much for my undereye area. Anyway, I stopped using it, I think there are better and still inexpensive alternatives to this.