Beauty Product Reviews

Best ever

I thought this was a hype. I was wrong. Takes everything off smoothly. I will always have this.

I like it

I like it. Not sure I'll repurchase for price. I liked dim light better. Not sure why. It was just a bit too dark but softened me up and added color

Can't layer it

Get the niod ha. This one doesn't play well with others. Only because it can peel. Just a bit. But enough that it sucks. Good line. The niod one is excellent. So is jordan Samuel. Wish beautylish would carry his line as well

My favorite

This is my favorite product from this line. So happy I got it. Best vitamin c they carry. It feels so.lux going on. And tho its an oil I can wear it under makeup and it layers at night beautifully Will always repurcahse

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who hates this? It's sticky. And it peels no matter what. Definitely can't use under makeup. And can't use it layering at night. Ive tried everything. Patting it on, waiting before layering, etc. Nothing works. I'm not mad. I'll give it to a coworker I don't like. Lol. Seriously use another vitamin c from the ordinary.

Use it daily

This is good. Esp for price. But yes it does sting. After a week or so it gets better. But if you stop and start again your tolerance has to rebuild. I can't use mornings. But I use a few times a week at night.

Great for sensitive skin and price

It's been good to me. I can't say I've seen great results tho. This is more of a life style product than in your face results. But that can be a good thing if you don't want weeks of inflamed skin like other retinol products. I'd compare it to jordan samual. Although I like his better it's much more expensive. So I rotate this. The mixture is very calming. No irritation at all

Enjoyed it

I enjoy using this after baths in winter. But the top doesnt open all the way. So i have to open the top and waste too much product. I may have to put in a different bottle. That sucks because I love the glass packaging I will repurchase

I like it

I have to use 2 or 3 pumps. Smells good. I remove eye makeup, than this, than a better cleanser with my clairisonic at night. Morning this is all I have to use.

Smells good

I've had this for a year. I've tried for a year. I have well over 100 brushes. And it just doesn't clean. I've tried everything. I've read the reviews and maybe I just have a bad one. I always have to go back to beauty blender bar I received this in 2017 luckybag

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