Beauty Product Reviews

i was sugguested to try this and i must say it was love at first try. esp if you are like me a broke girl on a broke budget lol. i loved l.a. colors lose glitter but it would never stay a dab of this and you are good to go for all day and all night. this is one of my fav products ever would reccomend to anyone using loose eyeshadows

this is the best eyeliner i have ever used! i got mine on sale at k-mart for 6 dollars thats great for 3 colors! it stays put and never runs. I like that is afforadable you can get it at drugstores and its great product. love it!

this is great! i bought it at the dollar tree and love it its very nice and stays on very well def a great price and product. i really love all there products about time someone made cute makeup for us broke girls lol

its love! i love these i have like 7 of them and some others that are the same brand. perfect if your on a budget i love the green (perfect for brown eyes) but this is my fav by far

love! i have four of them i got at the dollar store perfect if your a college kid on a budget like me. i just wish i could find more colors i have yellow pink and white. the only problem is its hard to use with primer