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The best

I’m into Japanese Fude brushes and Sonia G brushes are my favorite at the moment, they are a mixture between beauty and performance, I have at least two of each brush, I definitely recommend them, worth every penny


I have natural hair brushes mainly and I being using this shampoo for a while now, this is the first time I get in this scent and I’m enjoying it even more, my brushes are always clean, soft and they smell amazing


I love Wayne Goss brushes overall and I'm pleased and happy with this new set!!! They are extremely soft and they do help with my very hooded kids!


I own every Wayne Goss Brush ever made and I love them, they are my go to brushes, but this set it's just beautiful, luxurious and they are very soft, I'm really hoping that they get sold individuals because I want back up for a couple of them


I have every single Wayne Goss brush, I love this one it's one of the softest brushes I own, the price seems fair for the quality it's definitely not a necessity since you can buy the 00 for half the price and similar shape but of you are a brush lover you need this

Just Beautiful

I'm not sure how to describe this brush other than just beautiful, it's the softest brush I own, and I have Suqqu, Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo brushes and this brush it's just softer..

Very soft

Without any dude this is the softest brush I own, I have Suqqu and Shu Eumura and this brush it's there with them, I saw that someone gave only 3 starso because of the size I think the size it's perfect and the measurement it's actually in the description box, don't give a bad review just because you didn't read


I truly love this brush, it so versatile I use it for powder, buffing bronzer sometimes when I'm on a rush I even use it for blush, definitely recommend this brush

The Best Brushes

I have brushes from different brands, but this brushes are by far the best brushes I own, they are very soft and they blend cream and powder products just beautiful!!!

Best brushes

To me the best brushes you can buy, they are very soft and blend cream and powder products very nicely

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