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i absolutely love this foundation great price great match blends beautifully and looks amazing. After many years i finally found a drug store foundation that matches my skin wonderfully. its a must have.


i have this in the color mauve i like the color the quality isnt bad is decent goes on good but what i dont like is the shle bunch of fall out these blushes tend to have so much product come off when u try to pick some up with a brush which is its biggest down fall i hate the mess other wise its a pretty good product give it a try it might not bother yu as much as it does me.

  • Tan

i really like this i thought id give it a try i got it for $1.00 at my local deals store so come on how could i not try it out for $1 i have really dry skin on certain areas but my t-zone is quite oily so combination skin and i have to say i really like this its great for dry or combination skin as for oily skin this contains spf 15 so it might not be ideal for everyone but i really enjoy it and i actually have medium1 and dark1 which i mix together to get a close skin match i always have hard time finding my exact tone but im going back to spend another 1 lol maybe ill find another shade


i absolutely love these i have this exact pallet and lust i love them i use that salmon like color every day lol i cant wait to do another look ....i actually bought mines together they came in a gift box set together with 2 lip pencils for $3.50! you cant beat that i went baq the next day and purchased the sameone again. the pigmentation is great the quality is amazing i have absolutely no complaints!


so this is an update to the 1st time i reviewed it so after this review i wrote i decided to take it out n expirement with different application ways and tricks to make it work for me n im now in love the trick i was missing was warming it up a little it made a huge differance in the way it set in my face after i warmed it up it blended beautifully in my skin i pat it in n then set it qith powder to prevent creasing ....i finally found the right formula and give this an A+ =) i accidentlly put the wrong shade i actually own deep


so im always shopping for concealers i seem to have an infactuation with them lol so anyways i bought this one day really not expecting much from it since i bought it for $1 and having previously tried jordana products i had a ever lasting opinion of its products quality but being that it was yrs ago since i had last tried their products i decided id give it a go wada heck its only a $1 so as for this product its surprisingly good considering it goes on great on my dry skin specially around my eyes the consistency is good n it also smells so good like watermelon? lol i used it on my sister and she thought i was applying lipstick on her face because it smelled so good i had to show her the packaging for her to believe me =)


i absolutely love nail polishes specially these at the moment since my current nail option is all natural i havent been to a nail salon in maybe 2yrs? to get my nails done ive been on a budget ever since i stopped working and started school so at the moment i rely on my dandy nail polishes and i must say i fell in love with these polishes they fit my budget and my liking i mean i think they speak for them selves they're a very good consistency and i LOVE the thick brush although it might not be everyones cup of tea i feel a fuller wider brush helps get the application on faster and easier i literaly applied one coat and feel i got full coverage all around with just one swipe iam actually wearing this exact color on my nails as speaks and i love it =)


i love my elf liner brush its a must have for me i use it daily sadly i dont use it for liner i use it for my brows i think it works best there since its soft it allows for niceand even application.

so i 've been in need for a new mascara since like last month i just kept scratching the product out of my falsies mascara but i knew it was time for a new one is just every time id go to the store id always find something better that i wanted dats until my dog decided for me... i got home from school one afternoon and as always went to the kitchen for sum lunch and found my mascara bottle all chewed up so it was no longer usuable and i just got it i think yday? cant member but i love it! the best part about it is i got it for $1 at deals so you cant beat that the quality is great it thinkens and alongates my lashes nicely! great buy! try it!

in love!

i absolutely love this concealer awesome packaging good amount of product shade suits me almost close to perfect unfortuantlly i lost mine so idk what color iam but its one of the two darker shades and if im not mistaken the bottom part is either a highlight or lumenizor something like that, it works with my dry skin the consistency is silky and the other side product is great as well but long story short its a must try =)

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