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One Coat Dial-Up Mascara


Melissa C.
My Favorite!

This mascara I picked up at my local dollar store, usally Almay products are a little more on the high priced side so when I saw it I grabbed it of course! I fell in love! This mascara goes on great, no clumping, makes a full, long dark coated lash which is what I like to achieve without the false lashes. It has three different setting so you can change it to be less on the brush or more. I always kept it on three and that would make for the perfect lash. It has a rubber appliactor with many little bristels on it and bows in in the middle so it fits perfect with the curve of your lashes. I would defently recommend buying this mascara, it was very cheap and something that can give you three diffeent lash looks and gives you those looks without any hassel!

Diana G.

so i 've been in need for a new mascara since like last month i just kept scratching the product out of my falsies mascara but i knew it was time for a new one is just every time id go to the store id always find something better that i wanted dats until my dog decided for me... i got home from school one afternoon and as always went to the kitchen for sum lunch and found my mascara bottle all chewed up so it was no longer usuable and i just got it i think yday? cant member but i love it! the best part about it is i got it for $1 at deals so you cant beat that the quality is great it thinkens and alongates my lashes nicely! great buy! try it!

Quita G.
My New Favorite
Quita G.'s Review Image

I got this mascara for $1 (Yes, $1!) because I lost my Avon Supershock (the best mascara ever). I expected something that would last for a little while until my new Avon order came in. My order came in three months ago and I still use this. Its has a very "wet" application which I love because it separates all your lashes and gives you that really glamorous, voluminous look. I don't really see a difference between the "2" and "3" setting but I generally keep it on 3. Great, great product!

Ashley L.
Favorite Mascara

I bought this mascara because it was on clearance at CVS. I think that it was doing poorly, prob because it seemed a little gimicky, and that is probably true, but it is the best mascara I have ever used! I keep it on "3" for every application, but it makes my lashes looks so full and almost doll-like. It is worth a try, especially if you can find it on clearance.

Swinda M.

its such a great mascara, i always buy two at a time! i use it dialed up to 3 and it does a wonderful job, im always constantly being asked if they are my real lashes-haha i love it!! and i have Urban D, Smashbox, and other high end mascaras but no one ever compliments me like when i use this Almay!!

Stephanie  M.

This is the only mascara brand I've tried so far that doesn't burn the hell out of my eyes. I have this in Blackest Black and I love how rich the color is! I love the applies very well with no clumps. I get enough volume on dial 1 so that's what I keep it on.

Kayleen W.

I love this stuff it is prefict.!! i always use 3 and it goes on so good my lashes toch my sunglasses when i am wereing them. my lashes look so thick and long its amazing.! the only thing i will use

Nadjia H.
All in one: from day to night

I absolutely LOVE this mascara, because I don't have to switch up mascaras constantly to achieve different looks throughout the day. Especially if I am on the go for the day, all I have to pack is this mascara and I can take my day look and turn it into a night look. If you would like a chance to win this mascara...go check out my "giveaway winner" video on youtube!! my channel name is MsBeautyInspiration

Jameka H.
My new favorite mascara!!

Found this yesterday at a local dollar tree so I decided to try it I was surprised I really liked it. It is now one of my favorite mascaras. Went back to dollar tree today and brought 3 more. I'm think i'm going back to get the other 2. :-)

Araceli V.

This is a great mascara! Although I haven't noticed a difference in the dial up function. I always use mine on number 3 because who doesn't like huge eyelashes, right? I don't like a stiff mascara that leaves your eyelashes like daggers but this one leaves them pretty soft and natural.