Beauty Product Reviews

Gorgeous Foundation...but there's a learning curve....

This foundation is absolutely gorgeous...Once you figure out how to properly use it. After going thru alllllll bajillion primers in my kit, changing up my skincare a million times, powdering it, not powdering it, using a brush, a beauty blender.... blah blah blaaah... FINALLY I figured out how to use this foundation and that it does NOT work well over primers... DUUUH, Tiffany, HEL-LO!!! It has amazing skincare ingredients in it... Therefore it should go directly onto the skin. LOL! Considering that I've been a makeup artist for over 20 years I should have picked this up a bit quicker... This clearly was not one of my finer moments. But, I have to say that I DO love the foundation and its lightweight, undetectable finish. It makes my skin look luminous, youthful and absolutely flawless, yet still like my own skin. The only reason why I gave it four stars instead of five is because of the fact that it shouldn't take people jumping thru hoops or standing on their heads to figure out how to use it... They should at bare minimum put up a recommendation to not use this product with primers and tell their customers that it works best applied directly onto the skin... Also, even tho I love the smell of Sisley products, this foundation is heavily scented and it doesn't go away... So, after a while the scent that was once enjoyable becomes cloying because its all over your face and you cannot escape it. It wears all day without budging on my very dry skin, and it does cling to dry patches... so, note that dry skinned girls... Exfoliate first. I think that's it... Is this my Holy Grail, Hero Product? Nope. But, its pretty. Will I buy it again... Nah. But I'll enjoy the bottle that I have <3 That's what makeup is about anyways... trying new things <3 xo

Smooth Like BUTTAH

These shadows are so silky smooth, and blend so effortlessly! I always say that Too Faced must put some of their magical Porefessional ingredients in their shadows, because they make my lids look sooo soft and less textured than they really are. I honestly bought this palette on a whim, not having really any expectations on way or the other...But I have been blown away by it and I find myself using it a LOT! Plus, I've been traveling quite a bit lately and its the perfect travel companion as it has every color that I need, and is quite compact! I seriously cannot say enough good things about this palette!! You need this in your life!

Sadly Disappointed

I'm a huge fan of all of Charlotte Tilbury's products, and so I was very excited to purchase this brush...but I have to say it was an enormous disappointment. It sheds terribly, its not soft at all...and once you wash it, it looses that gorgeous domed shape that it originally comes in...Even if you put a Brush Guard on it to dry. The shape is what sold me on this brush, and now its just a mess. Beautylish even sent me a replacement thinking it might have just been that one brush, but sadly the 2nd brush was the same poor quality.

Wanna be a Cullen??? I DO!

This is a makeup product that is a MUST HAVE in all makeup junkies kits! Whether you are a Total Twihard or *gasp* don't even know who Edward Cullen is...this highlighter is so super gorgeous! It goes on so smooth and creamy, and it gives the most amazingly fantasic, sparkly highlight!! I must say...this highlighter is not for the faint of heart! It is NOT natural in any way, shape or form...but it IS a stunner and for that reason I have 3 backups of BOTH colors because I adore this highlight and I wear it constantly!! xo

Amazing BB Cream

I went on a mission to find the perfect BB Cream to meet MY needs and this BB Cream by Lioele does it!!! I have very dry skin, and this product does not enhance any of my dry patches, instead it heals them, & it doesn't sit in any fine lines or small wrinkles that I have (or THINK that I have ;). I have very fair skin, I'm a NC15 at MAC and this BB Cream in the lightest shade matches my skintone perfectly. I believe it only comes in 2 different skin tones, so it will only work for very light to medium skinned people which is unfortunate, because its a beautiful product. It doesn't go gray like some of the other asian BB's. It is VERY long lasting on the skin with or without setting powder. I apply it in the morning, and come evening my makeup still looks fantastic, even in the heat & humidity here in Florida. There is no strong smell w/ this BB Cream, it has a very light fragrance and its almost unnoticeable, which is amazing considering the high SPF. After going through 6 different BB Creams I finally landed on this one and I couldn't be happer! This will definiately be a staple item in my makeup kit!

My Holy Grail Stink Stick :)

After years of using Secret and being totally pissed off and unhappy because it would ruin my bras and shirts, I went on a mission to find the perfect deodorant/anti-persperant for me. I found it in this product! Not only does it keep me smelling good, and dry as a bone...but it doesn't ruin my clothes, and it also keeps my armpits very very soft - I haven't had those red shaving bumps since I started using this product. It also slows down the time inbetween shaving, so you don't have to stress if you miss a day. I know its a strange subject or thing to talk about, but my armpits have never looked so nice. I don't get selfconcious when I'm wearing strapless or sleeveless shirts because I know I'm going to be protected from smelling bad, and that my armpits are going to be smooth and soft.


I think I might be one of the only people who just does not like this new "magnetic polish" trend. I think its ugly, and the colors that the polishes come in aren't my favorite at ALL, and it seems as if every single brand carries the exact same hideous shades. Plus, I just think its a pain to do. And if you put that magnet just a little too close and bump your nail, *bam* start over time...You have to take the polish off and do it all over again. I can see why people would like this trend, but personally I just do not like it at ALL! Maybe if they came out with some prettier colors with the polish...No, who am I kidding? I wouldn't even like it then. This is just a huge Fail for me.

Luxury Product at Drugstore Price

In my opinion, these shadows are one of the BEST S/S '12 makeup releases! And I'm not just saying drugstore makeup...I'm saying across the board. They definitely made my "Top 5 New Product" releases of S/S '12 for sure! I own every single color, and I was THRILLED when they just released 2 more shades in the summer releases! These shadows are a dream come true! They have all of the amazing pigmentation of a loose pigment eyeshadow, but in a pressed eyeshadow form. They glide on so smoothly and effortlessly and blend like a dream. If you tap off your brush, you will have little to no fallout with this product, unlike loose pigments, which can be a terrible mess...and if you want to pack a MAJOR punch, apply them wet! I have told everyone I know about these shadows, and TONS of people that I DON'T know about them as well ;) If I see someone eyeing them hesitantly in a store, I will go over and launch into my passionate speech about how much I love them, and 9 times out of 10 they buy at least one! Loreal SHOULD be paying me ;P I honestly, with all my heart, love these shadows to death! And I cannot find one thing to complain about with them either...I really really do love them THAT much!

Real Techniques SUPERFAN

WOW...where do I even begin? Naturally, like most people, I purchased my 1st Real Techniques brushes because I am a huge fan of Pixiwoo and I wanted to support them. But...from the very 1st moment that I used these brushes I fell in LOVE! I'm a makeup artist, and so I have hundreds of brushes. I mainly use MAC brushes, but I honestly have fallen in love with these Real Techniques brushes and I bought the entire line. They do NOT seem like "drugstore" brushes to me. First off, they do not shed...ever! Plus, they are so incredibly soft, I LOVE to feel them on my skin. Also, they are synthetic, so I can use them with my cream products as well as powder products and they won't get ruined...and they wash up so easily it isn't even funny!! Sam Chapman did an amazing job on this brush line! I would truthfully pay double for some of the brushes in the collection because I use them so much and they are so invaluable to me, especially the face brushes! I would recommend these brushes to beginners as well as pros! A lot of other brush companies *ahem* Sigma should take note from these brushes! They have it all...and adorable design, excellent quality and amazing value for money!!

My favorite Sleek palette

I am a Sleek eyeshadow palette superfan! I own them all and this is my favorite palette out of the entire lot! As a whole the entire line of eyeshadows are so creamy and blend beautifully and the pigmentation is beyond impressive! And, with this palette I love how their is a nice mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows, as well as cool and warm shades. Plus, it is so versatile. You can do light, girlie daytime looks, or deep, sultry nightime looks. I do not wear very much pink/peach eyeshadow, but i found the pinks/peaches in this palette extremely flattering and fun to wear. I WISH this entire line would come to the US, because I haven't purchased anything from them yet that I've been disappointed with. These eyeshadows are better than some highend shadows that I've purchased (*ahem* Nars Daphne anyone :( ) and for only around $10 per palette, for 12 eyeshadows, they are fantastic value for money! I will continue to purchase Sleek palettes for as long as they make them because I am addicted and I cannot get enough!

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