Beyond The Solution BB Cream

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Sarah F.
your search for the perfect bb cream ends here!

This is my number one beauty secret! ;) People always compliment my skin and tell me that I look I'm glowing, and what's even better is that they think I'm not wearing any makeup at all! After trying American BB creams and having my skin roughed up or not getting the coverage I wanted, I decided to try out some Asian ones. Eventually I came across Lioele. I was worried that, since I'm so pale, I wouldn't be able to find a match, but this one does the trick! It's light enough to fit my skin tone, gives me RIDICULOUS coverage (completely corrects any redness in my face), and it just feels good for my skin. It never makes me break out, I don't ever get dry patches anymore like I did with my MAC liquid foundation and my skin overall feels/looks healthier. This might seem a little heavy on those with oily skin, but since I'm so dry, this feels sooo right :) I apply this with my beauty blender and get a perfect, sheer look while still covering all my imperfections. (Applying with your fingers also does the trick just fine!)

Jessica H.
amazing product

This was my very first BB cream purchase. I have had my eye on it for a while, and then when it went on sale, I took my opportunity to purchase it. I LOVE IT!! It offers amazing coverage with such a lightweight feel and leaves my skin looking amazing. I am an NC20 and the shade matched me perfectly. I apply it over a primer with my real techniques buffing brush and I my skin looks perfect. It does not settle into lines and doesn't look heavy on my face. I have also noticed a brighter look to my face when I wear this. I would reccomend this product to anyone with similar skin tone as mine. And I def plan to stock up on this product in the future

Tiffany F.
Amazing BB Cream

I went on a mission to find the perfect BB Cream to meet MY needs and this BB Cream by Lioele does it!!! I have very dry skin, and this product does not enhance any of my dry patches, instead it heals them, & it doesn't sit in any fine lines or small wrinkles that I have (or THINK that I have ;). I have very fair skin, I'm a NC15 at MAC and this BB Cream in the lightest shade matches my skintone perfectly. I believe it only comes in 2 different skin tones, so it will only work for very light to medium skinned people which is unfortunate, because its a beautiful product. It doesn't go gray like some of the other asian BB's. It is VERY long lasting on the skin with or without setting powder. I apply it in the morning, and come evening my makeup still looks fantastic, even in the heat & humidity here in Florida. There is no strong smell w/ this BB Cream, it has a very light fragrance and its almost unnoticeable, which is amazing considering the high SPF. After going through 6 different BB Creams I finally landed on this one and I couldn't be happer! This will definiately be a staple item in my makeup kit!

offers very high coverage, and has a thick, creamy texture. big downfall--comes in only one shade. very cool-toned and gave my face a dull, shadowy grey/pink mask-like cast. not a fan of the excessive coverage or the matte finish either, but it didn't dry my skin out at least