Beauty Product Reviews

LOVE at first scrub!

I have pretty sensitive skin so it's hard for me to try new cleansing items because my skin automatically reacts right away. With this I had no reaction. I love the way my skin feels. It has a very light scent and it's not harsh. It is great for using everyday. I love it!


LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love the way it feels and I LOVE THE VIBRANT COLORS!! these lipsticks are pretty pigmented. Once I apply a little concealer, and primer they last pretty long too. But it depends what you do throughout the day. I have a habit of cleaning my mouth off when I eat and so I forget to reapply. But it's worth the money. I give it 5 stars!

machine is great just not thrilled about the Make up

I have oil skin. I get oily within an hour and half after I apply my make up. I tried to use this make up in hopes that I will not look so shiny so quickly. I love the Machine. It works great. I haven't used the pharmaceutical make up just yet. I look forward to using this. I would recommend the airbrush machine. It is portable and EASY to use. It takes lots of practice and GOOD LIGHT!! lol. This has been my first Airbrush machine. The make-up is just not great for my skin type. But I am still working on it. :) Definitely buy this airbrush machine. It's easy to clean too!!


This is probably the longest I have been faithful to a mascara! I love this eye CRACK! I have used it for about 3years or so! It definitely brings out my lashes. It makes them longer and thicker. I use this on my clients as well. I truly love this stuff. It does flake after SEVERAL hours of wear but I think this is forgivable since it does last for a long, long time. I don't see any other mascara taking the spotlight on this one!

Just average I don't know what the HYPE is all about

I have been using this for about a year now. I continue to use it because I PAID for it! I haven't honestly tried any other FACE PRIMER. I am almost afraid. I have oil skin.. I mean I have to blot pretty much an hour after I have applied my foundation. When I went to Sephora I explained to the consultant that I had pretty oily skin and needed something that would help with oiliness and keep my make up put... well this did not work. I will not be purchasing this again. :(


I really love this primer. I call it my EYE CRACK! It goes on smooth and keeps my shadows in place. I also use it on my eyebrows so my eyebrow powder or pencil doesn't fade throughout the day. I have use all four of them and love them all pretty much the same. I have not noticed any creasing since my use. I definitely keep this handy.

Great firsst set of Brushes!

I have been working with these brushes for about a year. They still look fabulous and do not shed. Most of them were pretty soft. This was my first beginners set. I have worked with other drug store brands as well. These are truly great for beginners they are not too different from some of the MAC brushes I purchases after. I would recommend these brushes for beginners or for personal use. They are made well and last long. Thanks Sigma

Great natural product

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE WAY THIS LEAVES MY LIPS! Soft and it taste good lol! I have been using it for a month or so. Sometimes everyday and others maybe twice a week. It also smells yummers!! I would give this product two thumbs up!

very creamy

I like to use this for my shadow base. Definitely a must have and its reasonably priced. Sometimes it seems overly creamy and they crease but I work it out. I also use eye primer to insure it stays put. My choice is Urban Decay shadow primer!