Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

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Rachel W.

It's a good product, a little expansive for it just to be sugar. I bought this about a year ago and still have a product left. When I run out I think I'll make my own.

it's not really a necessary product. it tastes sweet and moisturizes, but I could just put lip balm on or something for that. it does not exfoliate the dry, peeling skin on my lips, which was what I was hoping it would do. the sugar doesn't really do anything. I will not be repurchasing.

Mercedes M.
Great for Dry Lips

I love this scrub, it is gentle enough that I don't feel like I'm destroying my lips but rough enough to really rid lips of any dry, flaky skin, no matter how much. The consistency is perfect and the oils help lips feel moisturized after all that scrubbing. They also taste wonderful, which I find great for a product used directly on the lips. This can really help lipstick apply better and look better.

Danielle M.
Amazing Product

My friend gave this to me and i fell in love. Such an incredible product, it makes your lip super smooth and soft. the smell and taste is also a bonus. Definitely recommend it :)

Isabel A.

I love this product so much! I use it before I put anything else on my lips. I can't go a day without using it, and guys always comment on how soft my lips are. Also, it tastes amazing!

Leila V.
Nom ^_^

I am fast becomming adicted to this stuff! I usually make my own lip scrub out of sugar and honey, but bought this on a bit of whim on my usual bath bomb stock up (Love!!!), and I have to admit it is lovely! Does the same job as my own made stuff, making lips lovely and soft after removing all the chapped flakey skin, but its not greasy and abrasive, unlike my own. The bonus is the taste, who can resist vanilla and chocolate really? :)

Ashley K.
Can't Live Without It
Photo of product included with review by Ashley K.

I've been addicted to this since I discovered years ago. I cannot put on any lip product with out using it first and it tastes so good really who can resist!

Stephanie F.

I love this! Best on those winter days when your lips chap no matter what you do. I have a slight an addiction to putting sugar on my lips now though...

Amanda N.

Ugh I am in love with this stuff. I got the Mint Julip one today and so far it's been the best at softening my lips! For sure a keeper in my beauty routine.

Monica  C.
Great natural product

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE WAY THIS LEAVES MY LIPS! Soft and it taste good lol! I have been using it for a month or so. Sometimes everyday and others maybe twice a week. It also smells yummers!! I would give this product two thumbs up!