Beauty Product Reviews

Soothing Aroma for the Insomniac!

I have much difficulty sleeping every night; you might call me an insomniac or a super high-paced individual. Regardless, I love this product. I personally have the Lavender Vanilla mist; you just spray 2 spritzes on your pillow and it helps you to fall asleep.

My grandmother sent me this sleep-aid, she is so wise!

Great to Juxtapose with the Liquid Foundation!

The "MAC Mineral Skinfinish" is great to lightly brush on after applying the "MAC Liquid Foundation". I find that you can touch up any flaws with this powder. I apply this every day, and it never clogs my pores!

Great for a Bold Shadow Look!

These eye shadows are very bold and thick. I am a big fan of the black, grey, and brown when creating a smokey eye.

I have had the best results with the Mac Eye Shadow when creating an evening look. Unfortunately, since the shadow is thick, this brand is not best for an all day look. I would stick with no shadow or a simple shimmer.

Wonderful in Waterproof!

I live in LA, so I am constantly at the beach, needing a mascara that will last the entire day. I love this brand whole-heartedly! The mascara stays perfect for HOURS. It's fabulous.

Great for Eyebrow Finish!

As the finishing touch to my "night-out" makeup look, I apply Vaseline to my eyebrows in the outward direction, and use an eyebrow brush to push the inner eyebrow upwards. This makes the eyebrows have a "finished" look without having to fill them in with a pencil.

I sometimes also add Vaseline over top of my lipstick to give it a glossy finish.

Dramatic Eyes!

Great mascara! It's perfect for a night out. You have the thickness that makes lashes appear fuller, but it is not clumpy. The lash stick is neon orange too, which I personally enjoyed.

Mix-n-Match with Any Spring Color!

I love OPI, their nail polish is fabulous. The whites, hot pinks, and any neon colored nail polishes are in right now. Just combine the silver shatter with any of these colors and you have a beautiful nail pattern!