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Ricci R.

It only holds a few shades, but it's perfect for holding the sample pots I get. Plus, it looks great in my collection!

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Ricci R.
Very cute

This z palette is cute and practical. It's well made and I suspect I'll have it for a long time.

Jennifer L.
Small yet so big!

I have he smallest Z palette in leopard and it was my first one I've ever gotten and I have to say it fits more eyshadows than I thought. It holds 15 of my ABH single shadows in there. I love this for travel!

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Jennifer C.
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer C.

Love it! Super cute, durable, sleek design, not bulky idk what else I can say about it, it's great. I bought this to store two of my inglot contour powders and they fit perfectly!

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Yara A.

I got it to fit my indie brands highlighters, and it does the job! It fits about 4 of my looxi highlighters (36mm each) and thats all i need :)

Jennifer T.

I have the old MAC palette that you can customize with different shadows but it's falling apart. I got the small Z palette to try and I love it! Perfect size and I've got six MAC shadows in it. I'll probably buy the larger one at some point but I like having something portable.

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Shafiqa D.

although it could only fit few pans of eyeshadow, im still loving it. as its very convinient for travelling would probably get the bigger sized ones that can fit more eyeshadow pans. it would be great if beautilish would bring in makeup geek brand.

Mia Y.
Best for Travel

I love using this palette with my pan shadows for traveling. Z palette's are very sturdy and always hold my shadows in tightly no matter how much they move around in my travel make up bag none of my shadows have ever broken. The leopard print is very cute and worth it if you travel frequently with pan shadows or other pan products .

Shung T.
Covience,travel size
Photo of product included with review by Shung T.

It very covience to make my own platte ,I make a eyeshadow,brow together,my blush is too huge,I want to make all in a platte,maybe l should buy medium platte

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Taina T.
Small & Convenient

I own a large lilac z-palette which i keep at home and my new small leopard one in my bag .The magnet and the cardboard are exceptionally strong .The clear plastic on the front could be made a bit stronger on the big palette b/c it cannot withhold weight on top of it.

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