DIY Your Own Custom Lip Palette


Ever throw four or five lipsticks into your bag “just in case” you feel like switching it up? If you’re a makeup junkie like we are, the answer is probably yes. If you’re a makeup artist, it’s definitely yes, and toting your collection of lip shades to every gig can be a downright hassle. Don’t even get us started on all the various tubes we use to mix colors and make a custom shade.

Luckily, we’ve got the 411 on how to make your own palette for easy transportation and storage. It’s great for those last little bits of your discontinued favorites, too. Roll up those sleeves and get to consolidating!

You will need:
  • Palette knife/spatula, available in art stores (or you can use a butter knife in a pinch)
  • The palette itself. Z Palette and Coastal Scents both make magnetic versions that work with their individual metal pots or magnetized stickers, or you can buy palettes from Amazon or fine art stores
  • As many of your favorite lipsticks as you can gather
  • Lit candle
  • Large metal spoon

Be sure to sanitize your spatula and your lipstick. If you’d like to keep some of the lipstick in the tube for nights out, you can take some from the bottom to retain the slanted lipstick shape on top. Twist the lipstick open fully. Cut it so that the remainder is flush with the tube, then cut that piece in half and set it aside (that’s what you’ll be working with). Heat the lipstick that’s flush in the tube for a split second, then pop the slanted piece back on and chill in the fridge for an hour.

Heat Version

Put the chunk you took from the lipstick onto the spoon and hold over the candle flame until it liquefies (it should only take a few seconds). Don’t hold the spoon too close to the flame or you risk burning the lipstick.

Then carefully pour the liquid into the palette (be careful not to overfill). Some lipsticks may be more heat-sensitive than others, so be sure to test a small amount for pigment retention if you’re worried about wasting product.

Non-Heat Version

If the idea of melting your lipsticks makes you panicky, why not go the easy route—just scrape out a portion and pack it into the palette with your spatula. If you’re going in this direction, you’ll want to make sure your palette is very shallow, so you can smooth it out with your knife. Easy-peasy!

Toss in your favorite lip brush and you’re good to go. See how much lighter your makeup bag is? Now you have room for your next six or seven favorite lip glosses!