Beauty Product Reviews

Nothing that you can't get at a drugstore.

I have naturally long eyelashes to begin with so it doesn't take a lot to make my eyelashes really bold but I thought that spending 24 dollars on this product that it would do something special for them. Honestly It didn't get me any different results than what I could get with a drugstore mascara. It even weighed my lashes down so I lost the curl! Save your money girls! Just get Loreal Voluminous Collagen Mascara....literally same results

Coastal Scents vs. BH Cosmetics

I got 2 palettes from BH Cosmetics, the 3rd edition 120 palette and the tropical shimmer palette. I've been doing makeup for about 3 years now and I am not pleased with the pigmentation of the colors I have used so far. I have to place a lot of the product on my eyelid to get an even coat and the right pigmentation I want. I wish I spent money on another Coastal Scents palette... which I've never had a problem with pigmentation.


Im always on the hunt for a great mascara and own almost every drugstore brand there is along with a few mac one's (hunting for dior next) but this one delivers great results! I've bought it twice now (i haven't found one until now worth buying more than once) It seperates my lashes perfectly as well as extending them as far as they can go. I am usually able to get all my eyelashes in one coat!!! Amazing! Although, my eyelashes are already naturally long so I don't know if that where my ease was helped along!

Walking on Eggshells, Don't steal my thunder, On Cloud Nine

Since I started going makeup looks, I have always avoided drugstore makeup because of bad results in the past. HOWEVER, I won these three little trio's from a makeup contest. I didn't expect too much but i am honestly SO impressed by how pigmented these colors are and for so little money! I definitely underestimated drugstore makeup and it revived my hopes! Great buy!

So easy and cheep!

Ever since I started using liquid eyeliners, NYC Liquid Eyeliner has been my go to! It's easy to put on, fast drying and very versatile! I can make my line thick to thin winged or double winged even with ease! 2.99 at local drugstores! Who can beat that?