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  • Body By Kit: Men and Cellulite

    Body By Kit: Men and Cellulite

    No one cares as much about your cellulite as you do, especially your significant other. So don't make the same mistake as Kit Rich and point it out. Keep reading for Kit's regrets and advice on how to combat cellulite without miracle creams.

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  • Trend: Galaxy Nails
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    Trend: Galaxy Nails

    We’re all made of stardust, but have you ever thought of painting it onto your nails? From nebulae to the Milky Way, we show you how to put the cosmos on your fingertips.

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  • Does My Lipstick Match?

    Does My Lipstick Match?

    Just as your shoes can make or break your look, so does choosing the right beauty products to wear with your outfit. Should you wear hot pink lipstick with a hot pink dress or does it just look wrong? We look at some classic mistakes and some definite must-dos.

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  • Fall Haircut Inspiration
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    Fall Haircut Inspiration

    Looking to switch things up this season and need some inspiration? Change is good, and a new haircut is a quick way to revitalize your whole look. Bring one of these photos to your hairstylist and let her snip you a new do.

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  • The Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams

    The Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams

    Are you hiding away your bodies because you have stretch marks? Well, it's time to get out those bikinis again! Beautylish's top 3 stretch mark removal creams to help get you back on the beach.

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  • Quick Hair Styles For The Beach
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    Quick Hair Styles For The Beach

    Ever head to the beach thinking that your hair looks like a mess? We all feel like that sometimes! Here are Beautylish's favorite easy beach updos with quick tips on how to achieve them.

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