Does My Lipstick Match?


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Beauties, do you ever find yourself wondering which makeup to wear with what outfit? Does a bright lipstick work with a suit, or does that hot pink lip look good against your hot pink dress? We know it can be tricky, so we're here to tell you what works and what doesn't.

1. Brights on Brights

Bright makeup, just like bold-colored clothing, is huge this season. However, that doesn't mean you should wear them all together. Just as matching a neon eye shadow to an electric lipstick and lots of blush is a no-no, so too is wearing a super bright lipstick and four different colors in your outfit. Bright makeup paired with bright clothing is a very sensitive mix to master. Crimson red lipstick does work against a pink top, believe it or not, but a fuschia lipstick in the exact same shade as your dress is best to avoid. When you're wearing brightly colored clothes, keep bright makeup to one area only, such as an emerald green liner or a ruby lip, and be sure to mix your tones.

2. Pretty Pastels

Pastel makeup and clothing is a definite must. The soft, muted shades always look good together (imagine pretty macaroons in a box) but a bold red lip will most likely overpower a pastel outfit. Look at the colors in your clothes and try to match them to your makeup. Wearing a soft pink cardigan? It will look gorgeous against a pink lip and a little blush. Just be sure you're not too matchy-matchy. And if you want to take it slow, you can always rock a pastel manicure.

3. The Dark Brigade

Come fall, we all want to pull out our burgundy lipsticks and vampy nail polishes. However, certain outfits just won't work with these colors. For example, pairing dark makeup and manicures with a simple suit for work or an all-black ensemble may make you look a little more Goth than you bargained for. The best way to make these colors work is with contrasts. Match a dark lip with a white shirt and you'll look crisp and different. Swipe on a dark polish when wearing a soft pink sweater and you'll have a beautiful juxtaposition.