Beauty Product Reviews

Can't get past the smell

I have such oily hair that I literally cannot go a day without washing it. I decided to pick up this stuff and give it a whirl so I wouldn't have to wash my hair everyday. It got most of the oil out of my hair, but I could not get past the smell. It has a really strange smell that is not pleasant at all and takes a long time to go away. I even tried spraying perfume onto my brush and then combing my hair with it and it would not mask the smell.


This is my go to gel when I want to scrunch my hair to obtain those natural looking beachy waves! With most other gels I find that they not only make my hair look really dirty, but they also make my hair really hard. With this stuff I can literally use a ton of it without my hair looking dirty or getting crunchy and stuck together in big chunks. I have pin straight hair and if I put some of this gel in my damp hair and then separate my hair and put it into a few different messy buns for about an hour I end up coming out with perfect waves! I always recommend this gel and that method to everybody and nobody ever comes out disappointed! I love this stuff! I've been through so many bottles and will continue to repurchase.

No. Just no.

When I first took this out of the wrapper and put it on I loved it! It had a thin point so I could make it as thin or as thick as I wanted, it was very dark, and easy to use. Literally the next day when I went to use it again it was dried up. I got it for like $2 at Fred's so it's not like I lost a lot of money on it, but I could have spent my $2 on something better.

Love them!

I own quite a few of these polishes and I love each and every one of them. My favorite is Celeb City! They all are so opaque! I hate doing a bunch of coats to build up color, but with these I literally only have to use one coat! They dry pretty quickly too! They last quite a while without chipping in my experience. Also, the best part is that they are super cheap! Like $2-3 cheap! They have quite a few colors to choose from, so there's definitely something for everyone! Every time I see them in the store it takes everything in my power to not buy one because I just want to keep on building my collection of these polishes. I highly recommend these polishes to any and everybody!


I absolutely love this mascara! It gives me so much length it's crazy! I don't have a problem with clumping either. I usually use this over another mascara. My favorites to use it with is either Maybelline's Define-A-Lash, Maybelline's Falsies, or Maybelline's Collossal. This is definitely my all time favorite mascara and I will definitely keep repurchasing it.

This perfume is definitely a more mature scent, so if you want something sweet, fruity, or floral you will be very disappointed. I would never wear this scent during the daytime. It definitely smells like something more suitable to wear out at night.

Great coverage

I love this concealer! It has great coverage and it is long lasting. I have a problem with acne and this covers everything right up perfectly for me. I also really like to use it for my under eye circles! I love the consistency of it and it feels very light weight on your face.

Love em!

I love these! They are amazing quality for how cheap they are! When I bought them I figured they would last about 2 minutes before chipping and wearing off, but it literally lasted me a week with very little chips (w/o top coat). I find that most of the colors are very opaque as well. I had no streaking which is great! They have a large range of very pretty colors. I suggest you go check them out, they are only $1 and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

I really like these! I picked a few of them up at Walgreens when I found them on sale for less than fifty cents! They come in a lot of pretty colors too. They aren't sticky at all. The only downfall to these is that they don't last for a crazy amount of time, but it's not too bad either. They have a nice amount of pigment to them as well. I didn't really notice a distinct taste to them. Definitely going to be picked up more of these!

Eyeshadow Base

I love to use these as eyeshadow bases! The only thing I don't like about it is that some of the colors aren't as pigmented and blendable as I'd like them to be. I absolutely love the one in the color Pixie! They are creamy and help make your eyeshadows pop. I think they are great for being so inexpensive. Be careful not to push the lid too far down because it will smush the tip of the pencil into the lid and waste a lot of the product.

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