Beauty Product Reviews


I have tried MANY different plumpers only to find they feel different but don't really do anything. I have to tell you this is the ONLY one that I have seen actual results with. Apply and wait to see how incredible this is...then apply your favorite lipstick and flaunt your kissable lips.

Perfect set of bronzers....BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!

I was so happy to have ground the perfect set of bronzers...they are great for all skin tones. Even when your not in Summertime these are great. my biggest disappointment this has been discontinued and I am praying that they bring it back.

Subtle but Sexy!

These colors are so pretty. This can also be used everyday and then spiced up for night life! The palette also comes with illustrations on how to apply teenager loves it because it has day vs night.

One of my absolute favorites!!

I have had to buy 3 of these because my three daughters love it too and I got tired of mone getting used all the time. This is like an everyday classic palette!

Superb toner for all skin types!

This toner makes your skin very smooth and ready for any kind of foundation and once on it helps to keep from being oily. It creates a barrier from your skin and your it!

Great group of everything needed!

Luv luv this's so going on my wishlist. The primer always sets the colors and is long-lasting so this is definitely a bonus; along with the brushes to complete the set! WANT WANT WANT