Beauty Product Reviews

Very universal!

Believe it or not, this is universal in many ways; the white can be used as a highlight on your face and the browns can be used to fill in brows. I keep this with me everyday. Its small, compact and has a wonderful pay off.


Working in the beauty industry, I found this to be the jackpot for anyone with oily skin or anyone looking to minimize their pores. I myself have oily skin, mainly in the T-zone and ive found this to work amazingly. It gives a clean beautiful smooth complexion.

Pure Pigmentation!

I absolutely adore and love everything about Sugarpill; they offer some of the most vibrant, pigmented eye shadows around at a very reasonable price. There isnt a day where i dont use a sugarpill eyeshadow. In particular, Buttercupcake is the best yellow eye shadow I have ever come across. With primer and and a white cream base, it pretty much applies on your eyes exactly how you see it from the palette! Bummer I purchased my heartbreaker palette during IMATS though, #$%! looks so pretty!

Im in love!

These are my absolute favorite lashes from Sugarpill!!! They make any look stand out and make your eyes pop. They're also not too dramatic or too dull, they're perfect! Highly recommended!!!


Its like a mini dermabrasion session for your lips! i love the scents and flavors, although it doesnt really moisturize, that doesnt bother me. Its scrubbing dead skin; which is exactly what its supposed to do. If i really needed to moisturize, i'd just pop on my favorite lip balm after. Overall, great lip scrub, and a good product to have in your makeup bag.

This is a really light scented perfume, not too strong, not too musky but has all the right blends. I love this perfume, its one of my favorites. You dont need to use much, a little goes a long way. Its feminine and sweet and its just literally a pretty perfume :)

Fantastic Palette for Beginners

I absolutely love these, they are like my make up babies! I have every palette and as an up and coming make up artist, sometimes you cant afford the big name brands. Well this, gets pretty darn close. They are highly pigmented and the colors are vibrant. They blend wonderfully and go on as the same color on the palette. All of BH Cosmetics products are wonderful and I highly recommend checking out everything they have!.