Beauty Product Reviews

Great if you have the money

I've only used this product once, but I'll definitely use it again. It was pretty expensive at 16.50 for 8 oz (I usually buy drugstore items for my hair), so I figured I would only need to use a small amount. My hair didn't feel much softer than when I use normal conditioner. Next time, I'm going to use more product (ehhh..bye bye moneys) and hopefully i'll get a better result! Overall, its great if you have the money. Not so much if you're a broke college student.

Lots of fun!

All the colors are a lot of fun and you can get a lot of cool looks out of it. You can go from neutral to dark and mysterious to colorful and classy. The lip glosses are also super colorful and you don't need very much to cover your lips to make them pop. The only negative parts about it are that the eyeshadow colors don't come out too pigmented, so you have to build (can also be a positive). its also a little pricey, but i guess its worth it :)

amazing and not that expensive!

i love this eyeliner. i use it everyday, and it definitely works for me. for me, it works just as well as MAC fluid line and other expensive gel liners. the liner comes out very dark and smooth. i find that it comes out even smoother when you dampen your brush first (i use an angled brush, not the brush that it came with). The only down side to this is that it smudges really easily, even with primer.

this is a must-have palette for EVERYONE

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette. i use it everyday because of the beautiful neutrals, but my makeup never seems to look boring. i love how i can create simple looks and glamorous ones as well. i can easily take my look from day to night. the primer-potion isn't the best one i have used so far, but its still amazing! i would buy this product over and over again :)