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Hello Kitty Noir Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss Palette


Morgan B.
Great variety, amazing pigment

I bought this after seeing it on a shopping network. When I got the package, I loved the nice metal hello kitty tin packaging. The colors are as vibrant as they are in the photo. I love the neutrals, the purples, and I like using the two dark sparkly shades for eyeliner. I'm excited to experiment with the different shades. As for the lips, they are very very bright, and smell very nice. They're a little too bold for my fuller lips, but the colors are nice if used sparingly. I highly recommend this if you're just starting out with makeup, or if you want to expand on an existing collection. The brush is really nice, and picks up a lot of color. Only advice: the shadows are very soft, so you only need to lightly tap the color to dispense enough on the brush.

Melanie M.
Hello Kitty Noir

I use this palette daily, mostly the first two eyeshadow rows. As for the lip gloss palette I dont use it at all... I find that the quality of the eyeshadows is great, they're very pigmented, you can create many looks with this palette. It comes with a brush (lip brush on one side and eyeshadow brush on the other) the quality of it was surprisingly more than what I expected.

Mariel Pamyy R.

i love there are so much random colors it is so cool go for it and tell me how it went whit you!!! and well i am a hello kitty fan so you well know that i was going to love. oh tire the green colors they are beautiful

Tianna D.
Hello Kitty.. Hello Pigmented Colors!

I wanted this mostly because of the Hello Kitty packaging. Im not a huge Hello Kitty fan but something about this pallet spoke to me. My boyfriend actually bought this for me as a surprise and I'm so glad he did. The colors are absolutely without a doubt beautiful. The lip colors are beautiful as well but I'm not a big fan of things on my lips so I probably wont use them much. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Tahsin A.
Lots of fun!

All the colors are a lot of fun and you can get a lot of cool looks out of it. You can go from neutral to dark and mysterious to colorful and classy. The lip glosses are also super colorful and you don't need very much to cover your lips to make them pop. The only negative parts about it are that the eyeshadow colors don't come out too pigmented, so you have to build (can also be a positive). its also a little pricey, but i guess its worth it :)

Dori K.
Pigmented and great selection... Kind of cheapened by the packaging.

This isn't a product I would buy for myself just because of the tin-like packaging makes it a pain to open and close. It's also pretty bulky so it's safe to say when I'm traveling this palette will be at home. My sister bought this for me so I decided even though I wasn't crazy about it in Sephora, I would give it another go.

... I'm so glad I did! The colors are so pretty! The variety ranges from the most neutral of neutral to a hot electric purple-blue! There's also this jade green color that makes my mouth water, hah. The textures are mixed as well... No glittery colors but there are a lot of shimmer, matte, and satin finishes. I would say that if you're looking for a stationary palette with quite a variety of color and textures this is a great palette! It also comes with a dual-ended brush which isn't as bad as some other expensive palette brushes I've come across (*cough* Urban Decay Book of Shadows). One more thing I would like to quickly mention is that some of the shadows are actually a bit... what's the word... breakable? Right when I touched my brush to some of them the product would powder up... I felt like I was wasting so much more product, but they aren't chalky which I was also worried about.

I rated this 3 1/2 stars mostly because of the set up, not so much the quality.