Beauty Product Reviews

I like it!

I started using these wipes about a week ago & I'm really impressed! Though it doesn't remove my eye makeup as well as I would like it to, I just love the way it leaves me face feeling! Normally wipes leave like a flim of something on my face, but these actually leave my face feeling fresh & clean. So before I use these wipes, I use vasaline to remove my eye makeup & then wipe my face clean! Best feeling in the world!

Not what I was hoping for...

When I first bought this product I was really excited & for the first couple of times I used it, it worked amazingly! Maybe like a week into using this primer, it just didn't hold my makeup on ALL day which was a total buzz kill! Total fail...though it did make my face feel soft & smooth as most primers do.

The best ever!

This is my go to mascara! Though I keep getting pulled away by trying different mascaras, none of them actually meet the expectations that I want to achieve! I always go back to using this mascara! Affordable & gives me the best looking lashes that I've always wanted! Thank you Maybelline!!!