Beauty Product Reviews

Get this!

I was weary of purchasing this at first but when I sprayed it it was awesome. It takes a few minutes to set so when I first tried it, I put it to the test. I sprayed before I went into work in NY and tested it out with the commute and the city environment - I didn't even look in the mirror until I got to work. I was so shocked when I finally looked - I looked like a doll with a perfect canvas! I barely touched up throughout the day, only re-applying lipbalm and blotting around my oily spots. I definitely recommend this to everyone, especially oily-skinned people like me.


I love this mascara! It's in my bag for everyday use. My only complaint is that it's harder to work with after opening it up too many times -- just gives you the reason to buy another one. It really does make my lashes look like they have falsies on. I just throw this on plus concealer and a cheek stain for a quick fix look.

My new fave drugstore foundation.

I thought my favorite was Revlon's ColorStay, until I bought this! It's super blendable and lightweight, and it does all it claims on the bottle. Great coverage -- definitely my new everyday foundation.

Great must-have

These are so great to have in your make up bags or in clutches because of their compact size. They're good for when you need a splash of color whether it's on your lips, cheeks, etc.

I buy them in bulk!

Best chapstick I've ever used, hands down. It gives just the right amount of a mint feeling and keeps my lips from getting dry and chapped. Who DOESN'T like Burt's Bees lip balm?

Instant Glow!

This is my first love when it comes to highlighting. I was introduced to this product in my first make up job when I was 18. Six years later, it still one of my top choices when I want to achieve a dewy glow. The consistency is smooth and silky, creamy but lets your skin breathe. Every girl should have this!

Perfect Palettes

Every beauty lover should have these palettes in their collection. Great pigments - they're great for experimenting on new looks and trying different color stories. This also makes a great item for a young lady who wants to start their journey in the make up world.

Church Choir Please!

My absolute favorite drugstore foundation! Coverage is great and you only need to spot check with concealer afterward if you want the extra coverage -- but it's really not needed! It creates the a smooth surface perfect for light-heavy make up looks. I have this in 4 shades :)