Beauty Product Reviews

perfect matte shade for green eyes

i am in love with this eye shadow. at first i didn't pay attention to it that much because it seemed a very "common" neutral shade that i thought i didn't need (got too many neutral shadows!) but man was i wrong.

it's a beautiful plum/ brownish purple with no shimmer at all (matte). super pigmented, perfect to put in the crease, all over the lid and outer corner. I love how this color looks with my green eyes, it makes them pop. one of my favorite mac eye shadows for sure. fyi: patina, soba, and quarry sometimes even with cranberry looks amazing!

ps: in the pic it looks completely purple because of the lighting.

not too good.

not my favorite mascara because i found that the formulation was very liquidity which made it really messy to apply and it would sometimes transfer as well; plus the big brush doesn't work for me at all..i prefer rubber bristles because they really separate and curve my eye lashes. it works, but not wonders for me at least..

how to use it?

i recently bought this product but i don't know how and when to apply it. if it's like an instant bronzer, should it be applied before foundation all over the face, or after the foundation and cream products on certain areas u wanna bronze (just like a cream bronzer) right before you set everything with powder? either way i think i should've gotten a darker foundation because they look like total opposites lol

i am addicted to these candles! picked up 4 medium sized jars and the scents are amazing! they keep my room smelling nice for hours and hours and their holiday special edition scents are the yummiest! my fav candle is definitely frosted cupcake. i can't get over how good it smells!

no lip butters yet..

i can't wait to get my hands on these! i live in canada so i think they're coming out in january 2012 but i've heard so many amazing things about these lip butters. and they're part of the permanent revlon line so that is amazing!

Perfect bases

I had been wanting to try these pencils for a long time. So I decided to pick up a few colors: Bronze, French Fries, Cottage Cheese, Pot and Pans and Slate. And I love them! I like to wear them as a base under my eye shadow because it makes the shadow pop and even though I haven't tried them out on their own yet, I've heard they can crease especially when you don't put a primer first. Can't wait to pick up some more colors!


I love this quad so much. cannot wait to pick up the rest of the palettes. specially the natural one. wet n wild eye shadows in general are so pigmented, smooth, easy to work with, cheap. just perfect! if i had to say one negative thing would be that, some of them are very powdery so u either get way too much on ur brush or somewhere else! u can also find the mac dupes but what's crazy is that some of the colors feel and look better than the mac eye shadows!

Finally found EOS lip balms in Canada

Just recently I found the infamous EOS lip balm at Zellers in Canada and I'm loving it so far! I got the one in passion fruit which is definitely perfect for the summer but I'm pretty sure I'll be using it all year long. The smell is delicious and my lips feel super hydrated and smooth afterwards.

More colors available!

I use this paint pot as a primer every day and I love it. I gotta say I am a bit obsessed with paint pots. Cannot wait to purchase the new colors that just came out with the Posh Paradise collection. They're so easy to put on, they don't crease and now that there's a bigger variety I wear them as cream shadows when I feel like going for an effortless quick look!

My perfect lipstick

I am in love with this lipstick that michele1218 on YouTube recommended. My lips are really pigmented so it's always been hard for me to pull off a nude, or light pink lipstick even though most of the time i can't really resist them and i end up purchasing colors that I never use however, angel, shy girl, blankety, speed dial, and this one will always be in my makeup collection. Taupe in particular is a matte lipstick, which i thought would be a but drying but I was wrong. I love how 'easy' it is, u don't really need a mirror to put it on and it feels moisturizing plus it complements my actual pigmentation.