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Dare to be different...Express yourself! <3

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About Me

Ello' there! I'm Miyuki, a sarcastic little faerie with a makeup obsession and a strange case of D.I.D. I live in my head where my dreams and fairy tales are real, talking cupcakes are common, and people aren't judgmental.

I'm a huge makeup fan, I just love color and freedom of self expression! I love trying new products, doing reviews, playing around and posting my experiment results! Message me with questions or if you need a product review or have any product/brand questions, I've tried a lot of things! and support a lot of products :)

Aside from my makeup life, I'm a published Spoken Word artist and poet, author of "Before the Blooming" :) Check me out sometime!

http://breefelling.com http://facebook.com/poetrykoneko

★ I am: Weird. Sarcastic. Blunt. A Misanthropist. A Daydreamer. A Poet. A Feminist. A Pro-life Supporter. A Psychological Mess. A Voice. A Proud Lesbian & Supporter of the LGBT community. Activist for many things. An American. Deep thinker. Hopeless Romantic. Otaku. ★

♥ ★ I Love: Lolita and Gothic Lolita. Anime. Lime Crime Makeup. Urban Decay Makeup. Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sephora. The Small Things In Life. Japan. Sailor Moon. Harajuku Lovers. Dubstep. Strawberries.Makeup. Girls.HTML Coding. Love. Horror Movies. Kittens. Girls. Cosplay. Cute Panties. Evanescence. Body Modifications- Piercings. Sephora. Octopi. Hugs. Sarcasm. Starry Nights. Sunsets. Gardens. Reading. Humor. Tattoos. Romance. Panty and Stocking. CLAMP.Greek Mythology. Black Roses. Steampunk. Bleach. Nana. Japanese Music. Rock.Candlelight. Religions. Cuddling.Totoro. Fake Eyelashes. Girls. Hello Kitty. Rainbows. Zombies. Latex.Horror Movies. Pin-up. Victorian Things. Kittens. Animals. Faeries. Sweets. Mermaids. Tea. Reading. Sushi. Weapons. Scary Things. Antiques. E.A Poe. Kneesocks. Twizzlers. Yuri. Gore. All things Kawaii. Circle Lenses. Daifuku. Street Fashion. Etc! ★

♥ ★ I Hate: War. Abortion.Lying/cheating/no good boyfriends.Politicians. Government. Statistics. Rape. Spiders. Two-Faced People. Whores. Anything "green" flavored. Country Music. Rap Music. Turtleneck Sweaters. Thinspiration.

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: September 28
Age: 29


I am not paid or compensated by any person or makeup brand to review any products...I'm just a girl with a obsessive love for makeup and uses the full ability of "freedom of expression" :) All reviews and comments are my own words :)