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Anna Sui

Rose Cheek Color


Nan M.

My husband bought this for me when he was in Seoul. I actually told him to get me the purple one because I fell in love with purple blushes recently, and I'm a huge fan of Anna Sui's makeup. Everything is so carefully designed. From the packaging to the product itself.

Besides that, it's really good quality and you can use this as eyeshadow. Best if used with a primer though. But as blush, you can just use it on top of your daily base make up routine.

The cost of this product was okay. We paid $37 for it. I don't think it was outrageous, I thought it would be more actually. It is a higher end brand, and you get for what you pay for. And I'm happy paying all $37 for this :))

It's worth it for someone that likes to get out of their comfort zone. Everyone uses pinks and corals, but not many use purple. I do recommend this for fair skin ladies though, because it would look sweet and pastel like. It won't show up much on tan skin.

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Robin M.

I am a NW20 or a N4 to N5 .....and with this blush a little goes a long way. Its a cool pink that I will use as a winter blush. Its very romantic and smells so smells exactly like fresh roses.....i use a little brush and extract bits out of the gold rose for an eyeshadow highlight when i dont want to use a bunch of eyeshadow and really love the compact. It really does make you just FEEL victorian in the winter. It's hard to explain, but I love it :D Thank you beautylish for being a great site that allows me to read up on all the cool and new stuff that is just fabulous. You are awesome.

xxoxoxo Robin Moses youtube nail artist

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Nicole A.
smells amazing

I have used Nars for blush and highlighters as my holy grail for years, I wanted to see if this product could hold up ,and let me tell you it's just amazing. The wear is 10plus hrs for me, super pigmented and natural looking as well, I plan on buying the sunny rose shade next

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Nicole A.
sunny is right

I own this one and antique rose as well. I find this shade to be a little more matte then shimmering. It is a very long wearing product,smells great and has just the right amount of Orange to complement any skin tone....xxoo

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Christine L.
Something Completely Different

The media bombards you with so much pink/coral blush that purple looks really out of place. On top of that my cheeks naturally turn pink. I was stunned that my Asian skin (MAC NC25) took the purple blush so well.

The blue and purple tints are sheer on my skin. You barely notice they are cool colors. It is a welcome change for my day look. The colors are perfect for when I want my other features to pop. When you swirl the colors all together you get a cool-toned pale lilac that turns a light lavender in the shade. Your highlights (the apples of your cheeks) have a cool white glow.

Yes, the Anna Sui Rose scent is there! Don't worry it doesn't fight your perfume. You can smell it when you apply it and it goes away once you have set your makeup.

This blush would be perfect for spring. It's a tad too dainty for the intense looks for winter.

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Beth S.
Love It!!

I bought the mystic rose because it was so different. It is just as pretty in person as in the picture. I use it more as a highlighter, but ended up ordering Romantic Rosé to use as a blush and the colors look amazing together. I love the packaging,the smell is great, and the pigment coloring is amazing. I highly recommend these blushes.

Ashley K.

This blush is nicely pigmented and the blend of all the colors gives you a nice flushed look. You can use each color separately if you want a certain color but if you choose to do that you would need a smaller brush.

Chavela S.
Love It!

LOVE! I did NOT expect this blush to be so well pigmented! I was a lil taken back at the size of it but as soon as I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised at the color payoff. This would be great for the springtime. Also, I couldn't tell from the pictures on here but the light pink rose in the middle has shimmers..or glitter..or shimmers (I dunno)... IT SPARKLES is what I am trying to say. It serves as a highlighter while the rest are beautiful matte colors. I love it but what I find odd is the price range when this seems like a product made for younger makeup enthusiasts. Seems like they'd make more money dropping the price and marketing toward teens but whatever. Would I buy another? Nope, not for me, for my kid if she asks.

Wait, I just read above, lol. Moist? Dewy? Glossy? Lol. No Ma'am. They are just regular matte powder blushes beautifully packaged with that one sparkly highlighter in the middle. Even when u run your brush across all of them it doesn't produce a "dewy/moist" effect...just looks like a shiny highlight. It's not bad at all, as I stated I love it. But call it what it is. ☺

Oh, one more thing: IT SMELLS FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC!!!

Nicole A.
I own nothing like this!

The mixture of lavender and blue in this powder is just beautiful. The smell is amazing. I however use it as a highlighter with a stapleing brush instead of blush. It brightens my face and gives me a very luminous glow. Defiantly worth the price. xxoo

Cece T.
Great highlighter

This colour in particular is a great highlighter, some of the other colours in the collection are also very nice, very pigmented and the smell is not too heavy put there is a slight smell that is not too strong (for me!)