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Simply the best for me

I love this stuff and keeps my nail polish in place. This glides on over nail polish like a dream. This keeps my nails from chipping for at least a week. My nails also look very shiny and looks very polished *pun*


Highly pigmented nail polish but with a twist. This brand has the craziest array of colors. I mean crazy that no other brands do not have! They are a little bit streaky but I don't mind cause the colors are outrageous!

HG nail polish

This is my favorite nail polish of all time next to Chanel. These are not streaky and the most pigmented nail polish money can buy. There easy to apply the brush doesn't lose it shape like others have

Really good nail polish

This is one of my favorite nail polish brands. I love the array of colors and great lasting power. They are not streaky at all which I love. They glide on the nails seamlessly.

My other fave

This book is more about the looks themselves than the basics. Besides the great transformations again like making faces there are step by step instructions. I love doing the Debbie Harry look. It's a great book if your avid make up lover or make up artist.

Essential book for make up artists

To me this is the beauty bible for creating looks! I learned about contouring and highlighting from this book. I love the transformations and I learned how to recreate them step by step. My favorites were besides the Marilyn Monroe one is the 1960s look Jean Harlow look with Courtney love.

Good for beginning skincare

I definitely think this is a good moisturizer to start with when adventuring into higher end skincare. I used this when I was 18-20 when I was starting out. I felt it did make a difference and very light which is great for my combo skin which was even more oily then.

Pretty good

This is a very good concealer which is definitely full coverage as they say. When I was breaking out in school from doing facials and makeup this I would use at school to cover up blemishes. Again like the Aveda tinted moisturizer I had to mix colors to match because they don't have many colors.

more of a liquid lipstick

I bought one at the store at school because the color was one of my fave tones. I put this with magenta lipliner and it pops. You only have to put 2 coats and there is a gloss highly pigmented liquid lipstick not a gloss. It also fades nicely leaving a stain almost like the YSL glossy stains. The only real drawback is that they are kind of sticky and they are minty.

great palette

I love this palette and I use it for myself and for work. The colors are so pigmented especially the blue which is gorgeous! There is a great mix of mattes and shimmer colors in this. They are so easy to blend and they feel very buttery. I love that there is 4 cream liners and its great for travel. Its almost a all in one palette I wish they would bring it back.

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