Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel


Holly B.
Great! 👍

Very light, drys quickly!! I have sensitive skin and this does wonders for me. The bottle last me forever and love that it has a pump on it! I'm in love with it and will repurchase!!

Maria  B.

Wasn't so sure about buying this product because I heard it didn't work well with sensitive skin. I decided to buy it anyways and it actually does a really good job of keeping my face looking refreshed and moisturized

Nadia N.
Good for beginning skincare

I definitely think this is a good moisturizer to start with when adventuring into higher end skincare. I used this when I was 18-20 when I was starting out. I felt it did make a difference and very light which is great for my combo skin which was even more oily then.

Natalie Y.

This was an alright moisturizer. It is pretty thin and kind of almost milky. If you have REALLY dry skin I don't think this would be very beneficial for you but for Combination or Normal skin this is a nice moisturizer.

Kim R.
It's okay.

So I got the smallest just to try it out. I though it was okay. I have oily skin and this does it's job but it dries out my skin. Like it sucks up the oil but dries up my skin it should moisturize it too. 😒

Zulekah I.
Combination Dry and Sensitive Skin

I was recommemded the new DDML formulation by the Clinique SA and bought a full size bottle. After using for 3 days, it broke me out as Singapore weather is too humid. I went back to the Clinique counter and was given a sample of DDMG to try instead and after trying it for 2 weeks, it broke me out too and left my skin even drier. Now I'm afraid to try Clinique's facial products until they recreate a formula that is suitable for Singapore's humid weather. I've now switch to Neutrogena and Olay products.