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Nail Lacquer


Raven A.
Loooooove It!!!

Such a beautiful color!! Nice and thick formula. Easy application. Will definitely be ordering more colors. Im in love! !

Mandy  Y.
Great quality nail polish

This is my second purchase from this company, and I absolutely LOVE their polish. It lasts without chpiping, and has great pigment.

I put this on this past Sunday, and not a single chip thus far! I am far from easy on my hands and fingernails but this polish has great staying power.

I highly recommend it, and hope they come out with many more shades!

Lucinda R.
Another hit
Photo of product included with review by Lucinda R.

If you like purples you're gonna love this. Same thoughts apply to the OCC cream formula that I've stated in other reviews.

Erica W.
Great cruelty free nail lacquer

I really love every product I've ever tried from this brand, but I figured it makes a lot of sense for me to take note on their polishes because I'm the kind of person that has WAY too many nail polishes at home (enough that I could open my own nail salon if I wanted to lol). That being said, I've used many different brands of nail lacquers and I really really am loving these ones from OCC. I enjoy the simplistic packaging and the formula glides on my nails very smooth and easily (very opaque as well). I dislike when nail polishes give those little bubbles when you apply it, and this formula has not done that for me thus far. I have 3 colors of this line and I plan to get more soon! Also they're vegan and cruelty free so that's reason enough for me. :)

Mandy Y.
Perfect shade and staying power

I have found that many nail polishes chip within two days of putting them on. First, this shade of green is absolutely to die for. Second, it has had great staying power and has chipped very minimally. I think I might have found a nail polish company that works with my oily nail beds! Now if only they will expand their color line up more.... ;P

Carolyn C.
Perfect Nude&Beautylish Packaging IS Fabulous!

First order from Beautylish and I'm throughly pleased! Packaging was beautiful, perfect, and carefully taken care of! Yay for Beautylish! I'm hooked! Even the sweet message saying it was sent from San Fran with love, super cute! Just the extra touches to make a beauty lover fall in love! This color is fabulous and the nail polish is AMAZE! I've been shopping for a nude for me and I love this one! The first coat is quality enough and color shade perfect! But if you build it with 2 coats it's deeper! Either way I love the color! This is first purchase from this brand as well and the size is large as well as good quality! I'm hooked on Beautylish! And I know I'll be back for more OCC products as well!

Samuel W.

I find myself left nearly-speechless at the intense pigmentation and glorious color of this fabulous nail polish. I am so blown away at how beautiful this color is. I really am floored. Man By Man is the ultimate mermaid fantasy, as though it was plucked from Ariel's own personal nail polish collection. Cascades of gorgeous sky-blue glitter packed deep into this shimmering and fantastic base of perfect blue-green. Glides on easily with superb coverage, and dries lickity-split for your runway debut! I feel like a L'oreal commercial going on and on about it, but DAMN I love this nail polish! I want to BATHE IN IT! I want to paint my WALLS with it! THANK YOU OCC! Now all you have to do is release this in Lip Tar form and I can die happy.

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Lucinda R.
Gorgeous Metallic Finish
Photo of product included with review by Lucinda R.

Another shade that I'm very impressed with. The only thing to watch out for with OCC polishes is that you have to carefully wipe off the excess product that runs down the long stem(?) to avoid flooding your nails. I think 'Poison' can be a one coater but I always apply two coats to be safe. The formula wasn't streaky in the slightest.

Lucinda R.
Very Pigmented
Photo of product included with review by Lucinda R.

The formula is a little runny so be mindful not to get too much on the brush. Once you have that down OH BABY. It's possible to get this cream polish done in one coat. ONE COAT CREAM. *faint* I used two this first time cause I wasn't prepared for the awesomeness. I appreciate the long stems(?) on the OCC applicators as well.

Daisy S.

The coulee is amazing and this product comes off so easily with nail polish remover without leaving any marks and without it ruining your nails great product but the varnish itself is a tad thick but that's the only downer for me having quite short nails