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Only meh for me. I don't get the rage over these lip balms, they're bulky and do the same as other's but take up way too much space and never fit in any of my clutches.

Best. Primer.

I've tried a ton of different ways for my oily skin to take makeup and not be an oil slick by the end of my work day and this has finally solved the problem. Not only does this primer help my makeup stay longer, I don't get that crazy-greasy shine. My face stays matte for 8+ hours!

Also, I've noticed, even after just the first use, that it helps to clear up my skin. The Anti-Acne treatment is a total plus!

Super shine!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Moroccanoil and after my last hair visit was highly recommended to try out the mask to restore some moisture and shine with the hair mask so I finally bit the bullet and shoved out the $35 to buy the restorative hair mask. I have only used it twice (once a week for 2 weeks so far) and immediately following use I can definitely see the difference in softness and shine. My hair looks healthier but I still see the dry brittle ends. I hope with continued use that it will restore overall health (but I may need to get another trim).

Great moisturizer

I was hesitant to try this moisturizer since I didn't really know what a tinted moisturizer was, but apparently its like combining your daily moisturizer and foundation into one. This one is great because it is super light-weight and allows you to layer if you want more coverage. The price point looks steep but if you were to buy a separate foundation and moisturizer it would be much more expensive.


To me, powder/foundation is supposed to do one thing, GIVE ME COVERAGE. And that is EXACTLY what MACs Studio Fix Powder plus foundation does. It's a one step, never fail application. If you need a smoother finish, try it with their primer... It's great for touch ups through out the day as well, just make sure to keep a bronzer or blush on you to reapply that as well.

Primer is good

I never thought primer was necessary, it was like toner to me. One of those things that you fork out money to buy but you could live without. But there is such a difference when you use it! I am a super Bare Essentials foundation fan and sometimes I feel like I need a little bit of assistance with my skin before I apply the foundation. Usually after I wash my face squeaky clean, it's hard for makeup to stay put and go on evenly that's when I discovered what primer was for. I like the LM one because its totally light-weight and oil-free. There's a ton of primers out there are heavy so beware. Thankfully, not this one :)

Bronzer to the rescue!

I was super sad when Sephora decided to discontinue carrying the Cargo brand so I totally stocked up on this bronzer. I LOVE IT! It's a great color that gives a natural bronzing glow. It's actually really subtle that I always apply a few coats for my desired look. But I just got back from a vacay in Cabo and now I definitely layer it on. I love that it's able to match my super tanned skin tone but I know I will still be able to wear it in the winter. It's awesome!

Love Love Love this eyeliner.

So when I was first introduced to the bobby brown eyeliner I was super impressed that it was such a long lasting eyeliner with smooth fine application. Then one day I discovered the Lancome Artliner and I have been converted for life!

My biggest gripe with the Bobby Brown eyeliner was that I had to rinse my brush after every single application. With the Artliner I don't! All I do is shake to prepare it for use. Then line each eye. I only have to dip the liner back in the tube once per eye. It's such a great application! It's a super fine line so you can get that natural look with it. Then you can build on it for a dramatic look but it's definitely a precision point eyeliner as the name says. I will forever keep Artliner in my makeup bag!

Long lasting eyeliner

This is a great product if you're looking for a long lasting eyeliner that gives a fine line coverage that you can build on if you want a more dramatic look.

The pros: Super creamy Easy to apply Fine line application Long lasting!!!

The cons: I have to wash my brush after every application.

I know, I sound lazy, but I do my makeup across the room so I'm not by a sink and then I have to get up in the middle of my makeup regimen to rinse my brush before it gets crusty.

Overall, a definite plus!

Make up, break up ♥

This is an awesome make-up remover and cleanser! I will never go to another make-up remover. It even removes the waterproof mascara and eye-liner in a single use. Just one pump and voila. I start around my eyes since that's where all the difficult stuff is and it's gentle enough for the eyes. The great thing about Boscia is that it's all natural. Then I work my way around the rest of my face. If I'm in a rush and I just need a quick wash before my next makeup application I just rinse off and pat dry and I'm ready to go with my toner and moisturizer. Before bed though, I like to get squeaky clean so I'll follow with the Boscia Facial Cleanser. The greatest thing? It doesn't leave an oily residue but it gets everything out! I love that!

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