Beauty Product Reviews

MY LOVE!!! This is just amazing. I can't even give an objective review because its love lol.

Okay let me try and compose myself.

Benefits: 1. Transfer resistant 2. Great colour selection. 3. Medium cover but can build. 4. Perfect match 5. Applies great with fingers. 6. Applies EXTREMELY well with damped wedge. Gives an air-brush finish.

Cons: 1. Dries too quick, so you need to blend fast.

The brown in this duo is amazing. Its my everyday crease colour or my every time I put makeup on crease colour. really good stuff and a good amount in the container as well.

The mascara was really nice at first but after it started to dry out a bit I fell out of love. However, I keep thinking to give it another try.

I just love this brush so much. I just order another. Benefits: 1. The bristles are really soft and maintains its softness over time. 2. Its amazing for foundation and powder (I think if you use mineral powder its great). 3. No matter how many times you wash it it looks the same and the label does not rub of. 4. Its great for buffing away over done blush. 5. The price is incredible for such quality.

Cons: 1. You have to really make sure the soap/shampoo is properly rinsed out (high maintenance cleaning). 2. It takes a couple hours to dry due to the density of the bristles. 3. It soaks up your foundation and as such the foundation will get way down in between the bristles.

My final thoughts areI think ELF really did an amazing job with this brush. I have had mine since last year summer if not a little before (I got it as a gift) and its still in great condition. I say its a must have.

Here is mine after multiple washes

I love these pencils and like most people I use the milk for add adhesive for my eyeshadows. There is the colour called Cocoa that is AMAZING. If you are doing a brown smokey eye it would be of such an asset to you.