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I have the one in Pink Quartz, and I LOVE this! Let me tell you guys again, I completely fell in love with this highlighter (that is what I mainly use this product for). This product is seriously worth the hype. Although the price tag is not cheap, I don’t mind paying more money for this.

I have it in Madly and i use this everyday! this is one of the best blush i've ever had. I love the color "madly" in particular. I usually wear the bronzer more often than wearing a blush, but with this one, i could even skip my bronzer.

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I adore this shadow palette. i have this in "comfort zone", and really love it. the shadow is highly pigmented and has a creamy texture, just keep in mind, they do has a lot of fallout though. but wet n wild make the best eyeshadow for drugstore for sure!

  • Hue

I absolutely love MAC lipstick,especially in HUE. This one is one of my favorite nude pink ever, besides my dior addict lipstick in "tulle". I love them both, except MAC is definitely cheaper in price and that is a good thing! will buy another one soon in HUE, MYTH, PRETTY PLEASE, AND BLANKETY :)

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i purchase this lipstick about a month ago, and guess what? i love this so much! the formula is really moisturizing and doesn't dried out my lips. the texture itself is really comparable to high end lipstick, they also have a good selection of color. i will definitely buy more of this!

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This neutrogena Cleansing towelletes is one of the best cleansing towelettes you can get in the market. So far, this one is the best that I've tried though, and I tried at least more than 5 brands. It's even better than some dep store brands. It remove make up really well and doesn't dried out your skin. However, it doesn't take off my waterproof mascara, I'm currently using the neutrogena waterproof eye make up remover, and that one is good too! But for face make up, this is very good, easy to use make up remover

i have this in british red for quite a while already. it's a really nice pigmented lipstick and doesn't dried out my lips. it is a pretty good lipstick and its price also affordable. i have to say it is comparable to some high end brand lipstick see my review here:

i like to mix this primer with my foundation. it's give you a nice glow. this isn't a highlighter for my opinion, so don't use this as a highlighter because it won't show up. it does brighten up your face without any sparkle or shimmer. however, this product is not a necessary though. you can pretty much say this is a splurge. you can get the same effect with using a little bit of bio oil under your foundation.

this stuffs is seriously worth it. for $3? nothing is better than this. it is still a good bronzer even-though you're not in a budget. this is the cheapest item i owned by far, and one of the best too! this is such a bargain

i love this baby shampoo so much. I personally even think that this shampoo is better than my MAC brush cleanser. It does a really good job, and much more cheaper than any brush cleanser i've ever had