Beauty Product Reviews

Not so good!

I was given this bronzer and upon my first time using it, I realized I probably wasn't going to like it much. It had a bit of shimmer in it and the color was a bit too dark for me. It looked muddy and dry. I'm not sure how to describe it, it just didn't apply very well to my skin and I'd say it's probably not such a great bronzer to try out. There's various other drugstore bronzers that work flawlessly and probably a better choice!

Awesome starter palette.

This contour/blush palette is an awesome way for makeup artists to begin building their kits or just to have when starting off so you can experiment and really practice with shaping the face. I did find that some of the colors in this palette got a bit dusty but it wasn't a huge turn-off for me. The product delivered beautifully once i got the hang of it. Due to the dusty powder, I just dabbed my brush with a much lighter hand and found that the product was so nicely pigmented that a slight touch of my brush provided a nice amount of color! I'd say it's probably not the best product ever for everybody but it DOES deliver beautifully and for the price, you can't go wrong! :)

Holy grail bronzer!

This bronzer is absolutely beautiful! The darker side is perfecttttt to contour with and the other half give a beautiful bronzer color to the cheeks. It's definitely visible when applied and doesn't look dirty or muddy whatsoever! In the pan, the bronzer appears to have slight shimmers which are barely there once applied to the skin, but still the product gives a gorgeous glow to the face. It was under $7 when I purchased it at Walmart yesterday. It's definitely a great product and the size of the bronzer is absolutely a bang for the buck! I highly recommend it!

Beautiful natural blush!

This matte dusty rose colored blush gives the appearance of a really healthy beautiful blush to the cheeks. Extremely affordable and really is a beautiful shade for people of all skin tones! Love it! Definitely my go to blush!

Gorgeous natural looking nude!

My skin match at MAC for reference is about NW25 or NC25, not EXACTLY sure as I've yet to be matched correctly, but I'm fairly light. The lipstick shade Cherish is a nice natural nude. It's not extremely pale. It's more of a burnt peachy nude color perfect for a (your lips but better) look! I love to apply this lipstick with the NYX lip liner in Nude! The texture if one of the better textures of MAC lipsticks. The finish on this lipstick is smooth, slightly creamy, and very pigmented!