Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I didn't own any OCC products, so when I saw these going for about 20 bucks I decided to give them a go. I love how pigmented they are, I'm tempted to go for a full size

What went wrong?

I liked this eyeliner for a while, I mean for the price I figured it was a decent eyeliner. It was my first felt tip, and personally I found it to be a little thick so it required quite some practice. Then everything started going downhill. My lid seemed to have broken (refer to the attached photo) and my pen started drying out. Actually, it began to dry out while I was using it! I would NOT recommend this eyeliner. I feel a little harsh, but maybe I'll give it another chance once my heart is healed.

The eyeliner queen approves!

I love love LOVE this eyeliner. As I'm writing this I'm getting overly excited. I've gone through two of these, and let me tell you KAT VON D KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. Everyone falls in love with my eyeliner, and I can honestly say that it's because of this specific product. I refuse to buy any other brand. This self proclaimed eyeliner queen approves of this product with every inch of her soul. When I catch myself running low on this product I lightly wet it and it manages to provide one final look so I can go out and resupply! As a person who refuses to be seen without her wings, this product is a must have!

Great if you know what you're doing

I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner for newbies. Don't get me wrong, it's not really a difficult eyeliner to work with, but it's a bit intimidating/uncomfortable in the beginning. I used their method that supposedly gave the appearance of more lashes (or something like that) and didn't really see a difference. As a self proclaimed eyeliner queen, I give it five stars for formula, and a four for design.