Beauty Product Reviews

Loved this blush, i have two colors ( cant remember the names of them) but I love the color payoff! theyre both matte and I usually mix them with black Radiance blush to give me exactly what I want lol

This brush sheds a lot, and I only use it to apply powder if all my other brushes are not available ie. drying after being washed. This brush sucks and I do not recommend it and definitely wouldnt be buying it again

This is one of my favorite brushes, it came in a set of 5 i believe and I got it on sale for like $10. I use this brush every time I apply my finishing powder. I really would like another one so I dont have to clean them as often lol

This prduct mixed with Palmers fade creme, helped fade this mark I was trying to get rid of in 5 months, you can barely see the scar now. At first their is kind off a stinging feeling when u apply it, but not too much, after a while you get used to it.

I bought three of these blushes, and I did not like them at all!!! But seeing all the reviews I think I may have to go out and buy them again to give it another try. The color payoff on my skin wasn't that great, but I guess I have to pack it on since I am a darker complexion.

I love this finishing powder so much, sometimes I just wear it with concealer and it looks perfect. Its less than $10 and its alot of product, I usually wear it in the summer to have a natural, flawless, and lightweight look.