Beauty Product Reviews

scented through out the day

I really love the smell of this shower wash and the fragrance lasts through out the day of which I feel only I can smell it. The fragrance seems to activate when I am very active and gives a calming effect when i am stressed through out the day. Unfortunately I think it is going away.

Light and glowing.

The formula is great for all skin types and does not rub off or flake (dust) off like other mineral powders do, gives great coverage and is the best on the market.

Great compact size!!!

Love this brush set with the exception that the powder brush handle does not stay together, but there is still enough of the handle to make it work can always use a little Gorilla glue to fix this. The color of the bag is super cute and its copact yet big enough to find in your deep cary all bags. Love it <3 <3 <3.

Works great for me

Yes I am a MARK rep and I use this product because it is lightly tinted and does help even out my sking tone. I mainly use it daily though for the SPF protection, not very noticable what I am looking for and does not get streaky or anyhting due to perspiration while I am at work. It does help moisturize too and is great for guys.

Use the whole Curl Goddess line for healthy gorgeous hair!!!

I have naturally curly hair and this product line is incredible in keeping it from getting out of control and keeping my curls gorgeous. I work as an MA and I receive compliments on my curls daily from my patients. My hair looks healthier than it has ever been since I started using this line on a daily basis. I mist my hair always in the morning and sometimes after work. I believe it is the sunflower formulation that helps it look more alive and not dull like it use too. I use The curl goddess mist and curl and wave defining gel evrymorning and to give it some extra glow I use the silkening serum 3x a week. Finally after work when I go out I use the styling cream to add that extra curl. I love this product, who doesnt love to receive compliments? I agree with Diana A. too as it does smell great!!!

Great for Lengthening

If you want longer lashes this is the product to get. Also comes in brown and indigo. Use the indigo on lower lashes if you have small eyes to make them pop and look bigger!!!