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Beauty Product Reviews

Very Sheer And Light

Out of all the powders I have tried, this works the best for me, it does it's job without appearing caked on or heavy. If applied with the right brushes, it goes on smooth and evenly, and creates a flawless finish. Only complaint is that it doesn't last as long as thicker powders, and can leave face kinda shiny after a night out or a busy day.

Love This Brush!

I was searching for a flat top brush to apply not only loose powder foundation, but liquid foundation as well, and I love this brush. It applies the foundation so nice and smoothly, I've been told repeatedly that I look airbrushed, which is the exact look I was going for when I was searching for a brush like this. I have a regular foundation brush as well, but this is definitely my go to brush.

Just The Right Amount of Color

The colors are very subtle, not too bright, which happens a lot with eyeshadows. I'm a very natural girl for everyday wear, I prefer to make my cheeks and lips pop, and use mascara to bring drama to my eyes than bright crazy colors. They work well, compliment each other, and also come in small, travel-friendly cases that last forever.

Works Great

Only face wash I use, helps reduce oilyness and gets rid of all the extra junk on my face, like makeup and excess dirt. If I go out of town and forget it, I use as minimal products as possible because nothing else gets my face clean like this does.

Gets The Job Done

This is my go to mascara when I don't want to apply a lot of mascara but want a lot of results. It definitely goes with its name, actually lengthens and volumizes the lashes to give it a bold look. Only complaint is that it's hard to get off sometimes and can get very runny if you start crying or rub your eye too hard. Other than that, I love it.

Long Lasting And True to Color

They offer so many beautiful colors and shades, all the shades are true to color and last so long, especially when you use the Satin Lips set before application. Some color are very deep, but aren't overdone or too bright, which I love.

Love, Love, Love

This is such a great product, I use it not only as a blush and bronzer mix, but I always whip out my eye makeup brushes and it use it as an eyeshadow. Actually I use it more as an eyeshadow than anything else. It sucks that this was limited edition, this product is great anytime, any occasion, all year round. I use Dusk, which is for darker shades, and it's the beautiful combination of a nude color, a golden color, and deep purple. So pretty!

Last Long

It's so soft and light, yet moisturizes the lips very well. They offer so many great colors, and it such a nice medium between harsh lipstick and lipgloss that appear clear on the lips, no matter the shade. It last forever and keeps my lips from shedding, which I find a lot of lip glosses tend to do. My favorites are melon sorbet, starry, and cream and sugar. Cream and sugar is great for a nude lip look or to neutralize a too deep lip color.

Definitely Gets The Job Done

I've tried a couple of Eye Makeup Removers, and this is by far the best. It's gets the job done, and doesn't take the whole bottle to do it. It's very light, very easy to use. No matter what you need it to take off, its gets it off in one, clean swipe. Doesn't burn the eyes at all, just a great product.

Works Great

I always use powder as soon as I get out the shower to preserve the freshness, the time of year determines how much I need. I always look for something that last long and smells great, and this does just that. The smell is amazing, it's so flattering and light, and keeps me fresh and smelling great all day. I keep it in stock at my home, if it's on sale, I'll get 2 or 3 at a time. If you're looking for ways to stay fresh with a light, refreshing scent, then I definitely recommend this.

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