Andrew M.

Location: Canada

Male Makeup is pretty great

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About Me

- Student founder of Man Up - Toronto, Canada - Talks too much - Thinks men should put their best face forward



Q: Is this Andrew's account, or is someone else typing/replying?
A: It's really me! I watch over the Beautylish account.

Q: Why did you start your company?
A: My favorite question! The story behind the brand comes from a problem I faced on my prom. I woke up to find acne across my face and tried to fix my problem alone. Unable to fix I had to Man Up and have my mother attack me with her makeup bag. With appealing results I vowed to develop a product line exclusively for men.

Q: Are male cosmetics that much different from women's?
A: In short - if you're talking on an ingredient for ingredient level it's very similar.

Q: Can a man use a product branded for women?
A: Yeah! Of course, and a woman can use one for men - it just all depends on the individual.