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I'm not promoting people to not be safe, like I've talked to you literally 0 times about the sun so I'm not sure what you think you know. I'm sick of getting treated like I'm handing out skin cancer.

Mar 11, 2014

Janet M.

Ps there's endocrine disrupters in tins, bottles many other everyday things.

Ok I've had enough of you. I'm not walking around handing people cancer, I'm not asking them to tan 25 minutes a day, I'm asking them to stop hiding from the sun as our society somehow thinks we need to do today. 9 out of 15 ingredients in sunscreen which are vital for protecting you from you've rays are endocrine disrupters, and regardless of how many other things there are our there that are harmful, I'm not going to voluntarily apply one all over my body. But hey, you're right, the sun should probably get blown up because clearly it's dangerous, let's see how long that world of yours survives.

I would never tell someone to burn. I'm not allergic to sunscreen, the ingredients in it are PHYSICALLY bad for you.

Mar 8, 2014

Alissa N.

Thanks so much for your advice I really appreciate it!

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Janet M.

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