Beauty Product Reviews

How did I ever live my life without this palette? This is a girl's dream, 12 highly pigmented and inexpensive neutruals placed together beautifully! Not much to say, this makeup speaks for itself baby! I prefer using both palettes together because the colors compliment very well. Defintley worth the investment and great for beginners! Can't wait to see what Urban Decay does next xoxo

I like this brow mascara, but...

I just wish that there was more! I've only had it for less than a month & it's all gone. Most of the product is stuck at the top of the tube. Hmmm, I would recommend this if you come across it & find you need a clear mascara fast, otherwise I suggest just investing in something with more product. xoxo

Love E.L.F lipstick in Gypsy. What I don't like is the berry smell, never really been into fruit flavors lip products, but for $1 i'm not complaining! Just be sure to line your lips & layer much because it does tend to wear off fast. xoxo


One of my esthetician sisters has this brush and brought it too school one day for us all to see. I could not believe that the quality was so good for it to be son inexpensive! Something I am definitley order and recommend. Elf is the best!