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I have sensitive/dry skin and since moving to Florida from NY two years ago, I’ve had to make several adjustments in my skincare routine. I am not big on primers because I do not feel like they deliver the results one is looking for. I’d like a smooth base that helps smooths and fills my pores . I decided to try the primer since I did not have one and wanted to see if it worked. First, don’t use too much, a little goes a long way for a smooth base. Using too much will have you feeling very greasy. After applying my foundation, I did notice less pores which was very exciting for me. I applied a light layer of foundation and has a dewy finish. My face was smooth from 6:30am to 2:00pm. I noticed the makeup kind of coming off around 2:00pm…but please remember I have work in an office in a warehouse in SUNNY FLORIDA. I give this a two thumbs up and recommend for anyone with sensitive skin/dry skin.

Lovvvve it 🙌🏻

I have finally used this for two weeks now. It is amazing! There are no other words! I think I found a new favorite brand after receiving all of my IT products! My god, the texture is thick but you seriously need a tiny few dots placed on your face and buff it out with the Heavenly Luxe Brush! It gave me a flawless finish! Smooth and no fine lines were visible. I thought the shade Medium would be too dark but I applied more than needed. Once I scaled back on the amount it was perfect! This will last me a long time. The picture is no flash and during daytime hours .

Top Fave

I have used this mascara for the last week now & I love it. The wand on this mascara is absolutely genius. The bristles are tiny and almost as small as the wand. This allows you to get to the root of your eyelash & extend. I love how natural my eyelashes look without applying too much mascara. It's worth the price in my opinion. I haven't experienced anything negative with this product.

Please don't take away

I bought this on a whim and I am glad I did. A little bit goes a long way. The coverage is great and the finish is matte. Looks nice and subtle on the skin but still helps you achieve the look you desire. I have noticed that I reach for it mostly during the summer.

All time fave

Kinda Sexy is my go too lipstick. I love peachy colors. It is gorgeous. It is a matte finish and last a good two to three hours without reapplying unless you eat. It is very drying so I normally apply a lip balm after.

The Holy Grail

This is one of my favorite products. My skin is so dry that this is the only product that has helped. I received mine as a gift and was shocked to see how much it cost but in all honesty I would pay for another one. Two Thumbs UP!!!


I love this product. I use it as a highlighter and above my cupids bow with or without makeup. I love the sheerness of this product. Nothing greasy or cakey! Must have! Last forever also.

I love LOVE

I received two of these in the Colors LOVE & SIN.

LOVE- It is a really nice nude pink. I like the color too much! The pencil is already half way gone after wearing everyday for at least three weeks. BUMMER though…because if I wanted another one, I would have to pay $24 and I am not really feeling that to be honest. I can get another Lipstick that is not as pricey and get the same quality or better. I reapply often due to it not really lasting, even after just one cup of coffee.

SIN-eh, I did not like this color at all ..

Picture attached is of LOVE


I was 50/50 with this pencil. This product doesn't stay on long. I noticed maybe after three to four hours the colors had started to wear off. I do like the concept of the pencils which cuts down time on application. The best thing about these shadows are that they are creamy and easy to blend, with no clumps at all. This product is good for those who do not want to be too made up. The colors I received were Pewter + Smoke. The picture attached is of Smoke. The other swatches can be found at <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>


I have come across a lot of concealers and I have to say that I loooooove this ONE! It's perfect! I received this a month ago and I have used it every single day. I use it to cover any dark spots and blemishes and a little under my eyes. All of their products are in pencil form (STIX) and it is just so easy to work with and always have on hand in one of those cute little tins. The creaminess of this product is what I love most and it is easy to blend with your fingers. Saves you tons of time, you do not have to whip out the concealer brush on top of the concealer. I can go on and on about this product but you will have to try it for yourself to see. It does have a sheer coverage so I am not sure how it might work on dark circles. The picture down below is at least three swatches to show the true color.

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