Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment


Yunah L.

If you have a dry skin, you must try this product!!!! I knew that it was really popular to beauty blogger. So, I bought this and used this two times a week. After using this product my skin became more smooth. In winter, I use four times a week. But in summer I think it's good to use two times a week. It was really comfortable rather than putting a mask.

Lindsey P.

Helloooo hydration! This mask is perfect for those with combination and dry skin. In the winter when I have slight flaking around my chin, I go straight to this bad boy. It'll fix that flakiness up unlike any moisturizer I have tried. As it's been getting warmer, however, I am still using this. I like it as an overnight treatment for an extra hydration boost. I find that it's a bit cooling when I put it on, which also makes it nice for summer. And it smells SO GOOD! I always take a moment to just breathe in the scent from the tub before applying, haha. This is a great mask that won't break you out, and will feel like total luxury to wear. Clay, mud, and charcoal masks tend to harden on your face which sometimes makes it difficult to make facial expressions or carry on with your life, but this mask applies clear and doesn't harden so you could wear it for as long as you want (and even in public). Skin is soft and supple when you wash it off. Highly recommend!

Myrna P.
The Holy Grail

This is one of my favorite products. My skin is so dry that this is the only product that has helped. I received mine as a gift and was shocked to see how much it cost but in all honesty I would pay for another one. Two Thumbs UP!!!

K K.
Smells great, moisturizes well

I actually have this mask exclusively for long-haul flights. Whenever I'd have to fly for longer than 10 hours or so, I noticed I'd get off the plane looking extremely tired, dry, and wrinkly. Which was fine, except when I was meeting someone in the airport, or if I had plans to go out later. So now!! I put a layer of this on my face when I get on the plane, and enjoy the fruity smell of happiness -- or, coconut, same thing. Before we land, I wipe it off with a makeup removal wipe, and my skin feels moisturized and bouncy and fresh :D Great product!

Rocy R.
Bes Hydrating Mask

I love this products!! It for one smells amazing and leaves your skin super hydrated after use. I like to use it twice a week and it just gives my skin that extra hydration. <3

Maribel V.

I've been using it for about two weeks now and my skin looks and feels so much better! The scent is so refreshing and subtle. It's been really cold and my skin has been extremely dry, and this mask brought it back to life! Definitely a favorite!

Keyaira J.

I have combination skin, but in the winter months my face can get EXTREMELY dry. I recently picked this mask up, and i am amazed. When i say the results are immediate i truly mean that. My face hasn't felt as dry as it was since i started using this, i am so grateful! I would recommend this to anyone struggling with dry skin, without hesitation.

Yadira O.

I love this mask despite my oily skin, It really hydrates and feels super tingly! Love the scent as well. I only use it around my cheek are where I tend to be a little more dry, even in the times when my skin was flaky, it really helped.

Victoria U.
An absolute must have for dry skin

GlamGlow masks are much hyped in the beauty world, and it may seem hard to believe that this little hydrating mask is worth the expensive price. But Glam Glow ThirstyMud lives up to the hype and goes beyond. My skin has been really dry recently and no moisturizer or mask could truly hydrate my skin -- that is, until I found this. It smells fresh, like vanilla and coconut and has a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin. I leave it on for 20 minutes and then wipe the excess off with a cotton pad. Then, I massage any remaining product into the skin and my skin will be moisturized all day. (I find washing it off to remove a lot of the moisture, but that may work better for oily skin types). It hydrates so well that it makes my dark under eye circles brighter and completely nourishes the very dry patches around my nose. Plus, a little goes a long way, so this little jar with a hefty price tag will easily last for 4+ months. I don't know how my dry skin lived before Thirsty Mud, but I'm grateful I have it now to keep my skin moisturized.

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Sam L.
Great for all skin types

Exactly what previous review says! I have very oily skin and this product is STILL great! Doesn't make my oily skin more oily, perfect for when my skin feels thirsty. Doesn't break me out either. I love this mask!

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