Beauty Product Reviews

Love love love love!

Love pink? Love Sugar? LOVE THIS LIPSCRUB! Aaaaaaah. I've had this for a long time and its still full to the brim!! As a lady with full lips this is perfect for me in the winter time especially when my lips get dry and start to peel. I use this at least once a day to keep my lips smooth and supple. I recommend it for everyone!

So fun!

I love these! i have them in two colours, a bright pink and a gorgeous coral. I got them to decorate my nails after painting them with my White L.A Colours nail polish! Fantastic price! Ive always been scared of DIY nail art but playing around with this definitely made me feel a little more confident!

Possibly THE worst make-up brush I have ever owned!

Need I say more? The bristles are not close together, they have this weird choppy look (like someone just hacked at them with a pair of scissors). I encountered LOADS of fall out when I attempted to use this brush for the first time. After a month of constant use and cleaning, my brush handle began to chip and crack. The bristles are not even soft! Yes, it may be cheap, but when it comes to brushes, I prefer QUALITY over quantity. If I own 3 very good brushes that are maybe a little on the pricey side that I can use over and over and over and OVER, I'm happier to do so that to buy cheap brushes that I will have to replace each month. Not recommended!


I have heard/read/watched so many people say many good things about the Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk, so I went ahead and purchased one for myself from Amazon and it was ridiculously overpriced. I paid almost £6 for it, while it retails for around $5 in the States? Oh well. However I was super excited to FINALLY have the HG eyeshadow base of most MUA's & YT guru's. The first time I used it I was disappointed. My eyeshadows did not come out brighter or more vibrant. Blending mac eyeshadows wasn't as easy as i expected it. My eyeshadows didnt crease, but they didnt last all day either. After a few hours the intensity of my eyeshadows begun to fade. Generally not impressed with it. Definitely not buying more colours, which is a shame as I really do love NYX as a brand.


My favourite primer so far. (Only because I am yet to find something better). I've tried both the Original version & 'Sin'. I prefer the original version, but i currently use sin. The original version provides a smooth base, fantastic for blending, makes matte colours look more vibrant. I like the original for my matte eyeshadows and sin for my shimmer eyeshadows! I do agree with some of the girls comments about the greasy consistency of it. The original UDPP is not as greasy as 'sin'. Sin is AWFULLY greasy, so if you want to use it, use it sparingly. I love both but as I said before, the Original UDPP is the best for beginners, intermediates and pro's alike! xx