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Beauty Product Reviews

Easy, fast application

i usually leave this at work so on the weekend I am constantly thinking of "kissing the red egg". The shape allows for more interaction with more surface area on your lip. It keeps my lips moist for at least four hours.

Versatile- can carefully make medium and thin lines with a steady hand as well as fat ones

The liner is easy to remove but also smudges throughout the day if you are in a sweat-prone environment. The cool thing is that it makes fat lines but is flexible as long as you have good hand control- you can make small and medium lines as well. The best feature is its price. Before you invest in a Stila liquid liner pen or something comparable, practice on this one.

It doesn't have a weird taste to it like their skinnier tinted tubes. Tiger Lily is more of a gloss than a tint, but it is scentless and no weird taste. I love the container too. It is a hip coffee color. I know that is irrelevant but it made some of my guy friend's jealous that their Burt's Bees was yellow and mine was brown.

Total degreaser for you face without drying it!

Ladies and gentlemen, remember when you were 13 and you were so excited for Noxzema (even though you found out later that it didn't do anything for your complexion except made your face feel like it was a minty mentos?) well here is something that is just as rave-worthy but also works!

The face-wash is a gel that is easy to wash off and doesn't leave any residue. It also leaves a super clean after-feeling and really has helped me combat the summer oilies!

Some Burt's Bees products I feel just ride the reputation of it's chapstick but this one is so good, it stands out on it's own.